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  1. Seriously ? I think you have to talk to your husband, not to U2.. He's (your husband) is the one who denies you the U2 concert.. If you were my wife, I would take you, if I liked the music or not.. I would not care..
  2. I just learned that if ordered at same ticket agence than you can split, otherwise no..
  3. Amsterdam ticket 6.50 service fee.. payd 71.50 instead of 65.. + 3 euro's extra because I want a "real "ticket and not a E-ticket.. So almost 10 euro's extra.. Crazy.. but what can you do..
  4. Ah, sorry did not know that.. I can understand it is annoying.. you pay 50 dollars and nothing in return..
  5. You cannot use the code twice.. In 1 transaction you have to buy the 2 tickets.. and those 2 tickets can be for different dates / places.. But in 1 transaction (I called ticketmaster yesterday with the same question)
  6. Just got 2 tickets for Amsterdam ;-).. I choose the second night.. See ya !
  7. YES ! Got 2 tickets voor Amsterdam !! It went smouthly.. copy pasted my code, logged in via U2.com and a short wait at ticketmaster (I logged in already before logging in to U2.com) and all the tickets were still available.. Even redzone ! So.. see ya at September 9 ;-)
  8. Marlies, ik heb gewoon nieuw account gemaakt met zelfde factuur adres etc. Nieuw email account via Outlook.com gemaakt, toen account gemaakt hier en daarop ingelogd, naar de shop , package besteld, giftcode en klaar is kees.. Nu staat bij je account info je presale code (bij u2.com, niet bij zootopia )
  9. I will have to wait for tomorrow.. Could buy tickets for Cologne, but I will wait for Amsterdam.. If I do no succes I will try for cologne, London or Paris.. I don't mind travelling ;-) Last tour I went to Wembley !
  10. Hallelluja ! I have got a pre sale code.. I created a new account with my own gift package LOL.. so Now I am Poldervrouwtje (aka Clairevanhaut) and just got my presale code ... jeuj !
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