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  1. Incredible show last night! Thanks for the mods updating! Desperate to hear ASOH, so hoping that it isn't gone (I doubt it is). Little Things has grown on me so much. LOVE the lyrics and the build to the middle, where it becomes a U2 song for me!
  2. I love Sil's mixlr!! She's my go-to gal!!! I missed last night - date night with my real husband....he was getting a little jealous of my time with the lads, of late. LOL Hoping for another great concert, as I hear last night's was amazing!
  3. When your favorite band is human and not some lip-synced travesty, they can still goof up their most famous song. And we still LOVE THEM!!!!
  4. !!!! This picture is incredible! That song was hot as hell!! On fire!!
  5. Cannot wait!!! I thought I wanted to wait to be surprised......yeah, right!!!
  6. Giving Pop some much needed love, so …… Gone (great thread!)
  7. Thanks for all the info!! Especially all the specifics Tim. This is our first concert at United Center and my first U2 concert!!! Been waiting a long time and am super excited…..even though I am going to be 7 mths pregnant and have GA tickets! Yikes!!! Obviously got our tickets before the positive sign. LOL
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