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  1. Trying to buy some more tickets for our kids since we decided to go full out and bring them all with us to Cleveland. They are going to be GA, so we need the original buyer's credit card. They have offered to deactivate their card and mail it to us. Has anyone had the experience of using a deactivated card? I'm pretty sure we've used an expired card for the last concert. Would it work the same? I know cc entry requires id too, but I can't remember why. We just went to Chicago, but I'm struggling to remember in the rush to get in how the id was used.
  2. Hope to see Joshua in Cleveland! I'm going to look for his Facebook account! Our kids are going with us to the show in Cleveland and they'd get a kick out of seeing him!
  3. Incredible show last night! Thanks for the mods updating! Desperate to hear ASOH, so hoping that it isn't gone (I doubt it is). Little Things has grown on me so much. LOVE the lyrics and the build to the middle, where it becomes a U2 song for me!
  4. I love Sil's mixlr!! She's my go-to gal!!! I missed last night - date night with my real husband....he was getting a little jealous of my time with the lads, of late. LOL Hoping for another great concert, as I hear last night's was amazing!
  5. When your favorite band is human and not some lip-synced travesty, they can still goof up their most famous song. And we still LOVE THEM!!!!
  6. !!!! This picture is incredible! That song was hot as hell!! On fire!!
  7. Cannot wait!!! I thought I wanted to wait to be surprised......yeah, right!!!
  8. Things didn't go smoothly on my computer or phone app (ticketmaster app said my code was invalid even after copy and pasting it from the U2 email). Anyway, one of the options on the computer for Cleveland was for Red Zone tickets for $70 (which was the regular general admission price). I saw that and started trying for those, which is where my trouble started because then the site became overloaded or I hit try again too many times. I'm just curious....were there really Red Zone tickets for that price?
  9. I wondered if that is why my computer was erring, BUT I don't think retrying 5 times is excessive. I just got excited about the possibility of Red Zone tickets being the same price as GA, so thought I'd try it a couple of times. ALSO, I copied and pasted my code from my email from U2 and the Ticketmaster app said it was invalid. I finally used the links through my U2 email to gain access and get the tickets. So aggravating.
  10. 1. The codes have been unique enough for its intended purpose in previous presales... There is no reason to think it will be different this time... 2. Once the presale starts, please go to http://www.u2.com/tour. Some info is posted there... details and links will be added once the presale starts... Thank you !
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