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  1. Mine isn't like that. Audience fade in, Bono says something, and then the song starts right away.
  2. So Disc 2... Desire with horns...meh. I think they needed to run through that one a couple more times. The Edge is totally buried in that mix. The re-working of When Love Comes to Town is fantastic. I think my favorite on this disc is Stuck in a Moment... that was stuck in my head all day yesterday. A great gift, lots of fun to listen and imagine being there. PS: Yeah, the mask is tiny. I couldn't wear it if I wanted to.
  3. Listened to Disc 1 yesterday on my commute to and from work. First impressions: it's very stripped down, as one might expect. More raw than the big tours. I can just imagine being in the audience that night...to see U2 in a small venue like that must be amazing. I really wish there was a film of this! Disc 2 is on the menu for today's commute. Cheers, all!
  4. Mine just arrived! Can't wait to bust into this. Thanks everyone involved!
  5. Everything is slower these days. I am very much looking forward to this. The setlist looks amazing.
  6. 1. Achtung Baby 2. The Unforgettable Fire 3. The Joshua Tree 4. War 5. October
  7. Starting November of 2021: Achtung Baby 30th Anniversary Tour. Please make it so!!!
  8. You should take a look at The Alarm's new fan site: The Alarm Central. https://thealarm.fan.direct/web/wall It just started up, but it's got every studio album available, links to videos, swag, chats, etc. A pretty comprehensive fan experience. I understand U2 is too big to have weekly chats on Zoom with their fans, but I think the overall experience could be improved a little bit, as many have said, with regular access to more music and videos on the site.
  9. Yeah, it can't be fun to be the public face of this ongoing problem they didn't cause.☹️ Thanks you guys. 🥂
  10. Very nice, indeed! Subscription renewed (not that I wasn't going to anyway...). Cheers. 🍻
  11. I watched my copy for the third time last night. It really is a great show. I love the setlist, and the staging was incredible (The Fly is so amazing!). And I never get tired of the opening of the second set. Anyway, just wanted to express my thanks to The Powers That Be for a great yearly gift. This is definitely better than all the vinyl stuff (IMHO). This will hopefully hold me over over until things get right in the world, and U2 can do their anniversary tour of Achtung Baby. 🍻
  12. Yeah just to add I had some tracking weirdness too (in the United States). It was scheduled for delivery on Monday June 16th. It arrived on Friday June 20th. During those 4 days, the tracking link simply said "Delivery scheduled June 16th" and never changed or updated. All's well that ends well. A great show.
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