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  1. Lucky! You're only the 2nd person I know of to score those! I think you were the person that I sold Dec. 4th Vertigo Tix to, since your name looks familiar (My previous name was Bogirl)
  2. This is what I got from the link, as a verified fan..this was my 3rd attempt. Then I went in under the app only & my code worked at 10:15, scored 2 GA, then had to log in again to secure them & got the blue scrolling wheel of death. I called TM, they said no Tix were in my name even though my screen said I had them & was securing them. I logged out of that & at 10:30 tried the text link again & it worked & all that was left were $300+ nosebleeds & behind the stage...I would've taken nosebleeds if they were affordable!
  3. Same here, been going since UF & never had trouble getting Tix..I agree with everything you've said here! I started a thread to see if ANYONE scored Boston GA & haven't had anyone say so. All of social media I'm seeing is everyone getting shut out..I seriously think there were not Tix ,or maybe just a few
  4. Same for Boston GA Innocence group. I don't know of anyone who did - looking at social media. I just started a thread w/same question for Boston
  5. Did anyone in Innocence group w/a code trying for Boston GA score Tix?
  6. Where are people posting these stories? Everyone is posting them on FB that I can see, in U2 groups. Maybe start a thread here will make it easier for you & they can see the results for themselves. May want to state guidelines; facts only, general description of your problem, what presale group you were in, etc. Make it clear that it isn't a griping thread, stick to the facts?
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