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  1. Lucky! You're only the 2nd person I know of to score those! I think you were the person that I sold Dec. 4th Vertigo Tix to, since your name looks familiar (My previous name was Bogirl)
  2. This is what I got from the link, as a verified fan..this was my 3rd attempt. Then I went in under the app only & my code worked at 10:15, scored 2 GA, then had to log in again to secure them & got the blue scrolling wheel of death. I called TM, they said no Tix were in my name even though my screen said I had them & was securing them. I logged out of that & at 10:30 tried the text link again & it worked & all that was left were $300+ nosebleeds & behind the stage...I would've taken nosebleeds if they were affordable!
  3. Same here, been going since UF & never had trouble getting Tix..I agree with everything you've said here! I started a thread to see if ANYONE scored Boston GA & haven't had anyone say so. All of social media I'm seeing is everyone getting shut out..I seriously think there were not Tix ,or maybe just a few
  4. Same for Boston GA Innocence group. I don't know of anyone who did - looking at social media. I just started a thread w/same question for Boston
  5. Did anyone in Innocence group w/a code trying for Boston GA score Tix?
  6. Where are people posting these stories? Everyone is posting them on FB that I can see, in U2 groups. Maybe start a thread here will make it easier for you & they can see the results for themselves. May want to state guidelines; facts only, general description of your problem, what presale group you were in, etc. Make it clear that it isn't a griping thread, stick to the facts?
  7. Thanks, Max! You guys are doing a great job! I apparently reached my quote limit
  8. Please contact immediately TM and explain the situation - have all and any documents and emails at hand...Even though it's a U2.com subscription? I didn't get tickets to any of those presale shows. By "It" I meant the subscription. I just wanted to be clear..Hi Max, formerly Bogirl here! please keep us updated...
  9. Hello- I subscribed to U2.com before the first Boston presale. It didn't go through, so I tried it again. same thing. I tried yet a third time and it finally went through. Now I have a charge on my credit card for 2 gift subscriptions and 1 regular. I had also ordered a vertigo pin with the first attempt at memembership. I have received the pin, but I need a credit for the 2 gift subscriptions, as I don't want them and don't want to be charged 2x extra. What do I do?
  10. Nevermind! The screen was so light that the credit card option looked like it was checked, but it wasn'T..tickets secured!!
  11. I have two tickets right now in my cart & it keeps telling me to select delviery but they are credit card, it won't let me continue..HELP!!
  12. unfortunately both Boston nights GA seem to be gone... still other seats available Thank you for checking and replying...I really think that something was wrong with TM site for Innocence presale day.. since I tried immediately for both dates and ONLY balcony was showing for 3 hours, then like I said, 4 hours later Loge and balcony showed up. I doubt that 1 GA wasn't available in this timeframe..so frustrating, with the short notice so close to Christmas and having to subscribe when I haven't been able to afford a membership for the last few years. Now that presale code is useless. I know you Mods have been working hard and I just wanted to reiterate/state that there were problems with 2nd day presales and TM
  13. AS I posted above, I tried for THREE HOURS straight for Boston I & II- using computer and phone, logged in before 12:00, hit the button at 12:00 and got only balcony options..I can't see how that is possible! It still says GA is unavailable. Are they sold out? Please respond as you have to the above for MSG. Thank you!
  14. I have been attempting to get GA tix to both Boston shows. I logged in right before 12:00, hit button right at 12:00. and boom...both shows had only balcony available...using my phone and computer...with the only option being "find my seats" not "map" option..for THREE HOURS this happened (yes, I'm persistent..then miraculously the map option opens up and no GA available, but Loge and balcony are..for both nights? This is b.s...what's the use of the presale code? for a $500 ticket? I could get that via public sale...what's going on?
  15. I was trying to get both Boston night GA-logged in right before 12:00, hit the button at 12:00. Only things available were balcony..for 3 hours, no option to select map, only thru find my seats part..so frustrating! If I couldn't get GA thru a presale, really, do I have any chance thru General public sale? I know, me too. I actually just revisited and balc 306 comes up. Awesome....I too was in and attempting only seconds after 12 and Nothing. It really is kinda bullshit. there should be a huge allotment of GA's for u2.com subscribers. Even if you get lucky and grab a few on Monday, what was the point of subscribing?...I honestly could do without the chotchkies that comes with it. Its hard not to vent at the moment. hopefully next week pans out...I'm gambling on keeping my code for future dates...I'm certainly not gonna use it for sec 306! I'm gonna keep my code too. I can do a $118 seat, but I'd be alone. A friend of mine from FLA is coming up for both nights, she scored tix yesterday. I am happy that they are coming to our town, but I can only afford 1 ticket regular price & don't want to go alone.."Sometimes You Can't Make it On Your Own". I have to work Mon, so unless I can recruit someone close to me to do it, I'm SOL...good luck to you on Mon.!
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