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    The Hague Netherlands
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    Joshua tree, Zooropa, POP and songs of experience
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    Too many but "in a little while" (live version) is really one of my favourites
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    Popmart rotterdam '97
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    iE tour ziggo dome amsterdam 2018
  • Best U2 Gig
    iE tour 2018 amsterdam ziggo dome red zone tix
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    Bono and Adam

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  1. Would love to see: Summer of love Red flag day Showman 13 (there is a light) Blackout. And in fact way more from this great album!
  2. New member of the forum. Already a long subscriber to u2! Fan since the late 80's as my age now is 35 ? first concert was POPmart in Rotterdam!. Now got 2 red zone tix and 2 vip packages for the upcoming events in Amsterdam. Can't wait to see them live again after the last 2 tours in Amsterdam. Songs of experience imo is a really great album with some awesome tracks as summer of love, red flag day, blackout and all the others. Really having trouble choosing a real favourite on this album. Have a great tour all U2 fans online!
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