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  1. Thanks, buddy. Makes sense. I must admit I'm not too impressed with the opening tbh. I think Bono coming onstage at the Innocence tour was class! 'People Have the Power' over the PA.....Opposite end from the band....straight into 'oh, ohohoh'. That was special. I know this works in with the whole 'experience' thing. I'll love it when I'm there.
  2. On a slightly different point, we all know about 'autotune', that doesn't bother me but why is Bono opening the show singing over a backing track? Baffles me.
  3. Couldn't agree more! I'm going to Manchester and Dublin but the set list, as it is, really needs a shake up!
  4. Me also...just seen that mine shipped on 22 Feb. Waiting in anticipation. Thanks buddy.
  5. Agree. I am still waiting also. Emailed today though, after getting an email inviting me to preorder these reissues. This is beyond a joke now. Someone's having a laff!
  6. Spongebob.....u going Manchester or what? Dunno if there will be a Glasgow this time. I have gone for both Manchester and Dublin.
  7. Hi Guys, Are we all of the opinion that e&i will follow the same formula as i&e in that there will be a variation on the setlist between different nights? Also, I would expect no support act again???? Seemed to work quite well last time.
  8. It takes a lot for me to say this guys, but I agree with the earlier poster. On a purely selfish level I actually think this would be the perfect time to call it a day. Everyone of the band have major interests outside of music (or the band) which they can pursue if so wished. Don't get me wrong....I absolutely love SOE and think that songwriting wise, Bono is on top form......just wonder how much longer the old body will hold up? I LOVE U2....(I don't say that lightly). They have been a constant in my life for about 30 years. I would just like them to go out on a huge high!!!!! Peace.
  9. Guys/Girls, In response to those in the UK (I am in Glasgow). I have just renewed my u2.com subscription. Not for any other reason than I would imagine Europe will be same as last time. If u r a subscriber you will get a presale code. Simples. (The website states that these will be emailed out early January)The European leg won't be announced until early January, but so long as you have current subscription you should e fine. Hope this helps.
  10. Me also. Should be a decent view for the price me thinks. Super excited.
  11. Hi Guys, I have just seen some footage from Chicago. I have tkts for 2 nights in Glasgow, Scotland. Tonight was the first time I noticed a big screen at the end of the divider (obv for people who have restricted view tkts). Can anyone confirm that these end screens have been a regular on the tour??? Thanks in advance
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