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  1. TICKET HAS BEEN CLAIMED Hello all -- a friend bailed last minute and we're looking to sell her GA ticket at face value + fees. It's a CC purchase so you'll need to enter the stadium with us well before show-time. Let me know if you're interested! --marin
  2. TICKET HAS BEEN SOLD Hello! Anyone looking for a singe GA ticket to this Wednesday's MetLife show? It's a CC purchase so you'd need to enter the venue with us, though I hear that flexibility in the GA line has been shown to those in this situation due to the lack of transferability of these tickets now. So while you'd need to enter with us, you won't necessarily have to stand in line all day with us. Except we're delightful, so why wouldn't you want to? We'll be checking in to the GA line around 7pm Tuesday and staying nearby in a hotel. Hope to hear from you soon! --marin
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