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  1. Since I missed Bad tonight, I hope ASoH makes an appearance tomorrow (tonight).
  2. Can't speak specifically to downtown, but in the western burbs we have yet to see rain. I see some thunderheads off to the north and west.
  3. Unfortunately the South Shore line which runs as far east as south bend doesn't have a train late enough to catch after the show. You would have to find a metra train, but those travel more south than east, so I don't know if it would be worth the effort. Check metrarail.com to see if something would work for you.
  4. Honestly, I wouldn't waste time on a cab. You'll get close and then get caught in traffic. If you insist on grabbing a cab, get as close to Michigan/Roosevelt as possible and walk the final bit. It's a nice, scenic stroll through the museum campus. Just give yourself the time. There is an EL stop at Roosevelt and Wabash that is a block or so west that gets you pretty close. Again, just give yourself the time and enjoy the walk over.
  5. Just found out that I can make the show on Sunday and would love to be in with friends on the floor. Thanks!
  6. Check out parking apps like Spot Hero. Honestly, unless you're fine dealing with a mess to get in and potentially a long time to get out, I would look for parking nearby and allow plenty of time for a nice stroll over to Soldier Field via the Museum Campus. Look for something close to Michigan/Roosevelt. There's a bridge over on the south end of the Stadium as well through the neighborhood but it's a little trickier to find. Good luck and enjoy the show!
  7. Old (longtime) fan looking for a single for Sunday. Just got clearance from the better half and found out some friends will be in town. Thanks! Brent
  8. Final desparate plea....any GA's for tonight? Thanks!
  9. Bumping this in case anyone else has a lead. Thanks!
  10. You're looking at a 15-20 minute walk, so quite do-able. It's a sportsbar with above-average food. If you're more interested in good beer, the Beer Bistro a couple more blocks east (away from the UC) also has food, a good beer selection, and is less sports-centric. If you're looking for good food prior to the show, Randolph street in the West Loop has a number of really good options and all would be a very short cab ride from the venue.
  11. One other option that may be available is that the West End Tavern oftentimes runs shuttles to the UC for Hawks/Bulls games. It may be worth calling to see if they are running anything for the concerts. Could be an alright spot to grab some food/drink beforehand and catch a free ride over to the show. Otherwise, I am in agreement that the bus is the way to go. The Illinois/Medical District stop on the blue line puts you a few blocks away from the UC as well. Hop on the blue line towards forest park.
  12. Making a plea from a longtime fan of the band for either a floor or red zone ticket for the 6/25 show at the United Center. I will be rolling solo, so I'm just looking for a single GA ticket as a birthday miracle. I'm going to get in the door one way, or another, but I'd love to be down close and celebrate #44 with the first band I ever saw live in concert (Worcester '83). Thanks in advance and cheers to all of those coming to town for the shows!
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