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  1. My first show was also 1985, at the Worcester Centrum. I have attended every tour since then. U2 have ALWAYS been political, and if you don't like that, this is probably not the right band for you. I am not quite sure how you managed to attend 41 shows and not pick up on this. I just got back from the LA show and you are wrong. It was sold out. There is extra space at the Forum on the GA floor for safety, but all tickets were sold. Tickets for tomorrow's show are $500 on stubhub for the floor, only 9 seats left. So you are inaccurate, my friend. You also should probably take note that most Americans disapprove of Trump. Especially in cities like Los Angeles. That does not mean you aren't entitled to your opinion. But, as Bono said tonight, maybe try respecting the opinions of others and "if you can't keep an open heart, keep an open mind." Perhaps most importantly, it was a fantastic show. U2 have still got it.
  2. Finally got GA for LA Forum, but took over an hour of error messages before it would let me buy them.
  3. You're lucky. I see GA tickets listed, "Experience Group," but every time I select and try to buy, I get the same error message.
  4. Looks like there are many GA tickets on stub hub for LA Forum already. Aren't these supposed to be paperless tickets / show your ID? Not pleased that I had to renew my subscription early (why?) and jump through all these bizarre text hoops, all so a bunch of scalpers could get tickets.
  5. I am trying for LA and all I get is "There was an error. Please try again later."
  6. I've seen a few acts - Steely Dan and Prince among them - where they strictly state "no recording." I believe Radiohead requested this too on the last tour. It really improves the experience seeing the show. There will always be a few crafty people who still manage to film (which is great for people at home watching Periscope or youtube) but 95% of the cell phone stuff ends. The truth is people are not going to watch these videos or look at the pictures very often. U2 should definitely move in this direction with an explicitly stated policy on tickets, in emails, projected on the screen before the show.. "The band hates the filming" is not something the average person knows about; I didn't until reading this thread, and I've been seeing them since 1985.
  7. Doesn't take long at all. I've been to shows where an entire stadium is paperless. Swipe, go.
  8. I think the U2 approach to this is perfect. GA tickets for more passionate fans willing to stand in line, and those tickets are paperless (and cheap.) For those that want to sit down, or the convenience of being able to change plans, there are the reserved seats which are traditional. Perfect plan, and I wish more bands did it.
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