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  1. My first show was also 1985, at the Worcester Centrum. I have attended every tour since then. U2 have ALWAYS been political, and if you don't like that, this is probably not the right band for you. I am not quite sure how you managed to attend 41 shows and not pick up on this. I just got back from the LA show and you are wrong. It was sold out. There is extra space at the Forum on the GA floor for safety, but all tickets were sold. Tickets for tomorrow's show are $500 on stubhub for the floor, only 9 seats left. So you are inaccurate, my friend. You also should prob
  2. Finally got GA for LA Forum, but took over an hour of error messages before it would let me buy them.
  3. You're lucky. I see GA tickets listed, "Experience Group," but every time I select and try to buy, I get the same error message.
  4. Looks like there are many GA tickets on stub hub for LA Forum already. Aren't these supposed to be paperless tickets / show your ID? Not pleased that I had to renew my subscription early (why?) and jump through all these bizarre text hoops, all so a bunch of scalpers could get tickets.
  5. I am trying for LA and all I get is "There was an error. Please try again later."
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