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  1. Hi folks 2 party loving Scotsmen here. We are coming over to Berlin for the first show but staying all weekend. Wondering if anyone knows of any pubs/clubs/venues having a U2 themed party??
  2. Think I'll just call the ticket office the day before we go and hope they speak English ??
  3. Anyone know if you can pick up tickets from the Mercedes-Benz arena ticket office earlier than the suggested one hour before before the doors open?
  4. Thought I'd try my luck today and see if I could get any tickets for the Friday or Saturday Dublin shows...surprise surprise no standard tickets available but €600+ for platinum tickets!!!? who the hell can afford that? ?
  5. I was referring to the first shows not the additional ones
  6. Innocence tickets went on sale for the first shows last Friday
  7. Agreed. I'm just thankful the wife isn't a big fan ?
  8. More dates just been added but still none in Scotland ?
  9. Well after 4 and a half hours of trying i've finally managed to get two GA for Berlin whoop whoop!!!!
  10. great stuff maplebank. i'm Scottish too but fancied Amsterdam or Berlin. Guess I'll need to persevere. Shouldn't really have to though as it's supposed to be first come first served.
  11. thanks i'll give it a try. maybe i'm just too impatient...
  12. Call me sceptical but i think there's more to it than some touts joining the fan club...
  13. I'm a huge fan and i've seen U2 every European tour since 1987 but unless they get the ticket situation sorted i won't be back. As an 'innocence' subscriber I was given a chance of presale tickets this morning so i took a day off work and guess what? - absolutely no chance of standing tickets anywhere in Europe - UNLESS I GO ONTO VIAGOGO OR SIMILAR WEBSITES - AT DOUBLE THE PRICE OF COURSE. After last year's fiasco i thought this was meant to have been fixed. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE BAND THAT CARES ABOUT THEIR FANS... Ticketmaster Spain had the right idea last year when anyone buying tickets had to supply their name, this went on the tickets and if the name on the ticket did not match one of the concert-goers the tickets were then deemed invalid. this prevented third-party sites selling them on at over-inflated prices. NOT GOOD ENOUGH U2!!!!
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