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    May 24th, 2001 at the ACC in Toronto, Ontario (Elevation Tour)
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    Singapore 2, Joshua Tree Tour 2019
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    Bogota or Bonnaroo, Joshua Tree Tour 2017
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    Bono :)
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    Radiohead, The Killers, The Strokes, Tame Impala, Pearl Jam, INXS, Kanye, Die Antwoord, The National, Oasis

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  1. LOL at my username.  I can change that now haha.

  2. I keep getting the page that has the trailer

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      Didn't work.  Have tried several browsers.



      It has to be something on U2.com's end.  I've tried everything.  Definitely something that's recognizing my subscription as an old subscription.  

    4. Max Tsukino

      Max Tsukino

      Please contact the Customer Support Team, either by filling the CONTACT US form on the right side of the HELP page (www.u2.com/help) or by a phone call [+001-949-333-4820 (Outside the US) | +1-855 867-5297 (Inside the US)] and explain your situation...

  3. Bonus video: This was taken around Saturday 4am. I hadn't realized what I looked like, my friends showed me, and then I spent half an hour just going to up people walking by and asking them if I looked crazy. The best was at one point I turn around and this group of 3 guys just startled they just went "holy shit"... my whole crew was laughing 'cause it was the most appropriate response HAHA! I should point out my mirror ball hat is entirely covered with mirror ball pieces, that I spent over 20 hours glue-gunning each piece. I should have gotten a better photo of that. I MISS BONO-ROO SO MUCH! THE GREATEST WEEKEND OF MY LIFE! PLEASE COME BACK! OR PLAY COACHELLA! OR ANY OTHER MUSIC FESTIVAL! I MISS IT SO MUCH
  4. Mods, I posted this in the general section, but I wanted to post it here as well for posterity, and since this sub-forum has only a couple posts, it'd be easier to retrieve in the future. Thanks! Pictures here in an imgur album:
  5. 4 costumes, 4 nights! Thursday - Boxer Bono! Friday, show day - Macphisto! Saturday - Mirror Ball Man! Sunday - The Fly! The Mirror Ball Hat took me 20 hours! But it'll all be worth it. If you're going to Bonnaroo, I'll be in the Le Bon Souvienir GA, right outside the Bonnaroo Arch. Look for my flag (uploaded to this thread), and, my Popmart arch, lemon, and toothpick & olive! You can see a preview of the arch on my Instagram U2PopForRoo! Come say hi!!!
  6. 33. 15 times. 2 Elevation 1 Vertigo 4 360 8 i+e Upcoming: Bonnaroo, Toronto.
  7. No there ain't. And if you wanna prove me wrong may god make this my last night on Earth
  8. I'm really really hoping to hear at least one song from Pop at Bonnaroo. I started a "petition" like Instagram account. You can follow or just view at @U2Popforroo I know this is the main site, so hopefully we don't need more exposure, but if we do, send @U2 PMs and tweets with any of the posts on my Instagram account. My hopes is to get the word to the band to play some funky, colorful, dancey tunes to send us into late night proper. That is of course, they don't already know that. If you're part of the U2 team, puuuleeeeeease tell the band everyone at their Bonnaroo set will be flying on some sort of substance, and a colorful send off would be just, perfect. Besides, IT IS the 20th anniversary. Come on boys, show Pop some love! If there were ever a time to do it, Bonnaroo would be that time! Thanks guys and hope to see you at Bonnaroooooooooooooo
  9. Wow! You've been to Burning Man!? Well, I cannot put it any better than comparing it to Burning Man. It would be like giving Burning Man a schedule of bands to play. The vibe, the people, the over all feel is exactly the same. Bonnaroo is just has music whereas Burning Man has music sets but they're not per-determined. Some acts just show up unannounced and play. Bonnaroo is definitely a dancing venue. There is of course the Silent Disco, which, don't quote me on this but I think the idea was started at Bonnaroo. If not started at Roo, definitely popularized by Bonnaroo. At night they have a tent where you listen to music through headphones, so from afar, as an outsider, you see people dancing wildly to sounds you cannot hear. But to the people inside the tent with headphones on, it's party time. Otherwise, you can dance ANYWHERE... literally literally ANYWHERE at Bonnaroo. There's dancing everywhere, especially at night/early morning. Hoola hoops, and all sorts of cool things are plentiful inside Center Roo. This is once in a lifetime opportunity. Seeing as U2 doesn't play festivals often, and seeing as big big bands don't do repeat performances too soon (eg. Radiohead), it could be 10 years the next time they play Bonnaroo. They'll be nearly 70. Yikes! Ya'll should heed my advice. Take this opportunity. It's going to be grand.
  10. He ya'llll I don't post on here much, but just wanted to extend a friendly hand to join us on Reddit for all sorts of conversations and gearing up for U2 at Bonnaroo. But more importantly, if you've never done Bonnaroo, us at www.reddit.com/r/u2band are here to help and answer any questions you need! Bonnaroo is similar to Burning Man in the sense that it is much more sophisticated and layered than your average big city music festival. There's yoga, morning jogs, cool costumes GALORE, water slides, comedy shows, film screenings--you name it! Bonnaroo is also similar to U2 in the sense that it has morphed and evolved over the years. Bonnaroo is the horse of a different color. There is no pre-set determined genre, or bias set by the community. It accepts all religions, creeds, nationalities and has people from all walks of life. It started out as a jam band festival seeing as it is just outside of Nashville, Tenneesee, but now it's a multi-genre, come one come all festival, and this year imo the best music festival in the world will play host to the best band in the world. Feel free to look up information on www.reddit.com/r/bonnaroo. Use the search function first for anything that might be a broad question. Either way, on the Bonnaroo or U2 subreddit, there are plenty of experienced Roovians so we're here to answer any question you might have. Friday night U2 set into late Bonnaroo. It's going to be, one for the books. HOPE TO SEE YOU ON THE FARM!
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