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  1. Or, what is the latest I can get there and still get a good spot??
  2. Hi. I have to meet some friends for drinks before the show. I want to get a decent spot on the floor. What time should I get there? Thanks !
  3. Right on Sue! It's just the time in which we live in, everything is too dependant on technology and things are not like it was even ten years ago. I got my tickets with a bit of luck and scare, and I am STOKED to be seeing one of my favourite bands in one of my favourite cities !!! Viva Las Vegas...!!!!
  4. Thank you! We were surprised at the last RHCP tour that places had assigned seats for the floor. We caught two shows, and both were done this way. I knew from the first leg of the U2 tour we saw that it was good old school GA though. I was just freaking out as I have read SO MANY bad reviews of Viagogo, and this Flash Seats is new to me, so just wanted some piece of mind that my tickets are legit!!
  5. Hope I will be fine....what do you think?? Bought GA for Vegas from Viagogo, which scared the crackers right out of me from the start, but that's a whole another storey. When my tickets arrived to my "Flash Seats" account, they are GA, but have a row and a seat assigned to them.....??? I didn't think this was the case with this tour. Could I have been scammed, or should I be fine?? Thanks in advance guys and girls!
  6. The AXS was a bit of a pita. Called them directly twice, and both times they basically had no clue when their tickets would actually go on sale.....then after random checking a couple days after they were SUPPOSED to go on sale, boom, all GA's gone of course....
  7. No GA for me in Vegas with Innocence pre sale code. Got some thru Viagogo after lightly pooping my pants for a day or two....
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