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  1. Agree that viewing the show from two perspectives makes the static setlist more tolerable. I was down front night 1 Boston and in the lower bowl night 2. Different experiences and enjoyed both. The visuals are great for sure and I think I preferred the seats, taking in the whole show including the e stage. But I think the setlist is lacking especially the opening and encores and the flip of All Because of You for Gloria (really?? thats not a fair trade!!). I understand the concept but it just isn't as engaging as i+e was for me. I don't need to hear the JT songs again, but also don't need One and Desire again...
  2. dont think there are any merch stands before security. if you want to pm me, I'm going again tonight and could try to get one for you.
  3. mahalo and glad to help lizzd! nice to meet you, and hope you find a great spot tonight. met so many nice people over the past few shows. liked i+e more than e+i but still a great show. last night was fun, tonight should be even better! going to enjoy an elevated view from the lower bowl!!
  4. The fire sales of seats as shows approach is surprising. But better to get something for the seat than have it go unsold. i sold my GA for Boston 2 after a long night in the red zone and picked up a nice lower bowl seat for $106 this morning. That seat, I'm fairly sure, was $325 in December and $171 on Thursday. A friend said the same thing happened for Chicago 2. It certainly is risky to wait, but this model seems to be more common when they can't put asses in the seats...
  5. I just received this email from the Garden. . . *IMPORTANT INFO FOR GA TICKETHOLDERS: GA ticketholders may visit the West Entrance of TD Garden beginning at 7:00 a.m. on the day of the ticketed show to receive a GA wristband. GA Wristbands will be numbered chronologically and will be given to guests with valid GA tickets for that evening’s show on a first come, first serve basis. Guests with numbered wristbands are invited to line-up in chronological order NO EARLIER than 5:45 p.m. on the night of the event at the GA Entrance located on the West Side of the TD Garden, adjacent to Tasty Burger, at Stair 4. GA doors open at 6:30.
  6. Yep. This has always been the dirty little secret of the concert industry. Hold backs, presales, diversions, all secret unless some type of lawsuit happens and even then I don't think the data is ever made public. There was a huge outcry in 2007 and 2012 over springsteen Tix being diverted and fans being redirected to TMs resale site. I know some legislators in NJ were looking into what happened, and some fans (including me) were actually given an opportunity to buy tickets that were held back. but I don't think any actual data on holdbacks or actual sales was ever released. The data is certainly there with TM. And with public funds paying for some of these buildings where the events take place, you'd think citizens should have a right to know what's going on. But you are absolutely right that transparency would make these entities more accountable to concertgoers...
  7. I think the previous post referred to which section of red zone, rz1 (adam) or rz2 (edge). I misread it at first as well. But it is true that on the chrome browser it was not clear whether you were getting rz1 or rz2 until after going through the purchase process. I wound up with rz2 which was cool...
  8. Was the same on TM for Boston where no experience presale RZ tix seemed to be available (kept getting offered standard GA). There was a drop down for RZ in the options for the experience presale in the third dropdown box (# of tix, type of ticket, location of ticket). But selecting that was fruitless. Then I noticed in the second dropdown box an option for VIP RZ. I selected that rather than the experience presale group and that was how I got my RZ. Could be the allotment for experience RZ was temporarily exhausted after about 10 seconds (I got in immediately), but a RZ for the fan club just never popped up for me and I was trying for 10 mins. Certainly confusing, and arguably glitchy. . . many other things were glitchy, especially for the longtime subscribers that didn't get verified or didn't get a code. ..
  9. The part about not being a scalper, and not "winning the lottery" is what makes no sense. Isn't that what the fan club is all about? Not having to hope you get into the system for a chance to get tickets. It seems that joining the fan club is designed to guarantee you *access* to the presale. Doesn't mean you'll get the precious GA or the tix you want, but you are supposed to be guaranteed a chance. My read of the fine print was that it would be 2 layers of security, meaning everyone in the fan club should have had an opportunity to be verified by TM as not a bot or scalper, and then if verified, they would get a code. The point of adding the TM verified layer seemed to me a way to try to weed out the scalpers that purchased fan club membership. It did not seem that the intent was to then add a third lottery layer, (1) fan club, (2) verified, (3) lottery among those fan club members that were verified. Other verified events had the lottery element, e.g., Springsteen on Broadway. But that element of random selection shouldn't have been the case here for fan club members. Maybe I misunderstood the intent . . . I'm fortunate I was able to get a Boston ticket through the club. But I had to give up my second club ticket to a friend who fell victim to the verified garbage and didn't get a code despite 15+ years as a member here. No worries as he will help me out for additional dates since he got things sorted and received a code after the initial onsale thanks to the mods here. But that snafu should not have happened.
  10. very strange. perhaps that is to comply with the transferability law in NY state. but even still, since you can't get the wristbands, etc without showing the CC or ID, why bother mailing it. could be it was set up wrong in the system. I've had that happen with springsteen GA before where they allowed print at home and then changed it after the fact to hard tickets only that had to be picked up at the venue. who knows. best of luck!! but once they hit the stage, all this clusterf**k hopefully will be forgotten!!
  11. was able to grab 2 GA for Newark through the citi presale (desktop; used to have luck with the cell app but not recently). got in immediately and had no issues, thankfully. also toyed around with Boston and MSG after grabbing Newark. There were still Boston GA at 9:05-9:10, but no GA for MSG. Did find a red zone for MSG after a few tries. Thought about it, but 1 RZ is enough for me! Some decent limited view seats for MSG, but most everything good in the lower level was the VIP pricing. Seriously, $331 for first 8 rows of the upper level at MSG?? $175 maybe as it is a good view. but $300+, no thanks. . .
  12. Surprised to hear that they are mailing Red Zone tix. That may be a glitch. I thought everywhere RZ tix are will call pickup at the venue only. By contrast, regular GA are being mailed this time around ( I got a pair for Newark thru the Citi onsale this morning), and I think that is because of the verified fan process already being a supposed check on scalping. Whether that will be as effective to deter scalping compared to credit card entry, well that remains to be seen; I suspect a big NO on that one.
  13. try page 10 of the thread Did anyone receive the email today here
  14. GA should be transferable, but double check the fine print on your receipt. Ultimately if you got hard tickets they are yours to do what you will. It would seem the "verified" process, in theory, means fewer scalpers and therefore no need for credit card only entry.
  15. RZ is will call only, at least for Boston (I assume other cities). Non-transferable. Was that way for JT. YMMV for MSG due to NY state law that I believe requires a transfer option. GA is hard ticketed from what I've read. Chicago was for sure, and I read DC and Philly were hard tickets also.
  16. I thought I read a post in another thread that mentioned a similar issue on one of the recent tours with only being able to get RZ through the VIP link. Still got the RZ during the presale timeframe, but technically not the fan club presale, if that makes sense... There is a lot of blame to direct at TM. A good friend of mine is in the same boat as others who didn't get verified despite having been a 15 year subscriber. He is an avid concertgoer, travels all over the US for shows, and suddenly is denied access because some horesh*t TM algorithm apparently deems him a scalping threat. I gave up my other presale ticket to him since he got screwed by TM. So no 2nd show for me unless I'm really lucky. Yes, scalpers join the fan club to get access to the. That sucks. But turning the distribution over to TM sucks worse.
  17. For Boston, I tried at least 10 times for red zone in the experience presale drop down box and each time no availability; offered me standard GA. Then I realized there was a VIP red zone in the packages section, and got one no problem. Very bizarre. Guess this happened in 2015 as well?
  18. Not yet here (experience). Springsteen on Broadway emails went out around 930 the night before...
  19. Every time I've tried to connect my TM account (several over the last hour), I get an error message (I have the correct login info for TM entered). On the u2.com account page it remains INCOMPLETE SETUP in big red letters. . . sigh. is there a glitch due to the volume of users on 11/1? ah, well it seems to have resolved as I went back after posting here and it says setup complete in green. still wondering though if this process means fan club members will be selected at random for the presale, or will we all have access to presale tickets? if it is random, like springsteen on broadway, for fan club members, then that will be very unpleasant. I have to imagine subscribers will all get presale access, right???
  20. you can go back in to the TM site for MetLife and search different areas. I checked 300 level and those are not credit card entry.
  21. 300 level is definitely not cc entry. Doubt the 200 level is. Likely top priced 100 level and GAs
  22. I'd try the venue in the morning or email tonight as suggested above. While it's certainly not ideal waiting 5+ months, I do know MetLife is fairly accommodating to patrons on accessibility issues on the day of the show. http://www.metlifestadium.com/guest-services/contact-us
  23. There's generally no reselling of credit card entry tix (other than how scalpers do it as noted above). For cancellation, you'd have to buy the ticket insurance to get a refund due to illness for credit card entry, or you have to give the person going in your place your cc and an id. I did that for my wife when purchasing Adele tix for her. She went with a friend and TM assured me that as long as she had my CC there would not be a problem. That turned out to be the case, but she had my passport for backup. Only once out of a half dozen or so cc tix was I asked for ID, which was scrutinized (Springsteen in Hartford, though some CC lines did not check). Aside from RZ, I think Gillette tix are all print at home, so reselling probably won't be a problem there. Seems to be hit and miss on this tour. I don't know if that's an issue with Gillette not having the capability or just not wanting to do credit card entry. I know credit card tix are prohibited in NY (has to be a paper ticket option for all tickets), but not in MA.
  24. The # in the GA# is irrelevant for your purposes. It's only for TM sales #s
  25. I wouldn't imagine there would be different red zone options. at least for boston, the price is the same, so assuming no difference unlike the $600 VIP packages that include $285 seats and other stuff/fluff
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