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  1. I only used up my code in "panic" for concerts in other city (Phoenix) which I hope I can make it to... It wasn't my choice as it's way too far, it's expensive to get there.... So yes, now I'm stuck with those tickets and can't try my luck to a city that is closer to me... THAT is my problem. I understand that the new shows are supposed to be for those who didn't get any tickets. Now I wish I hadn't used up my code...
  2. Yes, iNnocence pre-sale was very difficult and I don' t think there were many good /GA tickets left for 2nd day.... Basically it was a joke.
  3. I will be trying to get on the general sale so that at least 1-2 tickets that I can afford don't get in the hands of scalpers... But that won't stop them, I may not even get anywhere close on the general sale because of them, like last time, and the band, who incidentally got this big and rich because of us, the fans (yes, yes, of course...and their indisputable talent) is not helping us much... And manon Amos, that is great that you're supporting red... That's different. I was talking about those expensive seats that are taking up all the "interesting" / close to stage seats areas on lower levels that most fans can't afford and some random people from some corporate office ends up getting as a bonus...
  4. So I had a pre-sale code...which by the way haaardly worked because the first group got the majority of the good venues' GAs (and please don't say they were split fairly cos they were not!)...then out of shear panic I bought some random tickets to random cities..and now you're telling us that there are more shows to concerts that I was first aiming for but I can't use my code? How awful!!! Yes, yes, you may say that at least I have some tickets but they're not the ones that i was waiting and fighting for for years.... I wish I could believe that there are GAs left for the general sale but as it proved in the first general sale there were hardly any AND they were snatched up by scalpers who found ways around the ticketless issue (even I know what to do and I'm not into making big bucks out of ticket re-sale!) and who could either type way faster than I and many more fans could those random phrases to stop bot programs (which I doubt that actually did anything to stop them but they slowed us down when a matter of a second does count to get the ticket. And then let's not mention the price of the tickets. You really are hurting the fans. Yes, there are fans who can afford it, there are fans who have saved up...but there are loads of fans who can't afford one ticket..or maybe somewhere waaaaaay up high where they can barely see the band and those "VIPs" who can afford the the $300 - $595 tickets closer to the stage are not necessarily real fans just people who can go and listen to a concert on a random night, drink away half the night and remember a questionable part of the night.... Why are you doing this?
  5. To me, it was totally not worth the money spent to be in the pre-sale: I couldn't get a GA to any of the 2 (what a joke! ) concerts i really wanted (NY, Chicago)... With this much effort (being at 10:00:00am EST all ready with account info filled in etc etc hitting the presale and trying and trying and trying for hours) and still not getting ANY of the more coveted shows, I could have just saved my money and hit the general sale (and use that $85 for another GA ticket)
  6. What a waste this was: spending $85 for membership (with some ridiculous "gifts") and then only be able to buy 1 GA... cos in 2 seconds the leftovers from day 1 presale were done.... What a waste... AND the seats cost $200-300+??!!! WTH!!!
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