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  1. Just got a mail from bol.com album retail presale is on 31 january.
  2. I actually managed to get two additional GA's in the retail sale this morning!! So now we can still go with the four of us. On the other hand it's quite disappointing that only part of the tickets are offered to the paying members of the fanclub!! I feel this shouldn't be that way. Surely i liked the SOE album and bought it because i wanted it, i would have done it anyway. To get a code with it was a bonus but i would have like more the idea that all paid subscribers from the fanclub were serviced first in the presale, second people who bought the album and then the people in the general sale.
  3. Anyway, since we want to go with 4, only GA is an option....
  4. After clicking a few times i found CAT 1 seat but only 1 instead of 2, so not completely sold out, but almost.....
  5. Logged in with my Innocence code and wasn't able to get any ticket, no GA and also no seats!!
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