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  1. Looks like I wasn't abke to swap my GA ticket for the 22, that it still on my hands..so I'm gonna sell it at its face value... For clarity, I was charged 174,60 from ticketmaster, so I ask exactly half if the price I paid for the ticket (plus a lager beer ) Some days ago someone already contacted me for that tickets but in the meanwhile maybe they have found other oprions. So If anyone is interested just PM me...I give precedence to those that are in NY already.. Cheers
  2. I just have 1 spare for the 22 that I would be happy to trade
  3. I could take 1 in return for 1 ga for the 22 show (paying cash the difference)....if interested
  4. Sorry..but I'm leaving the 23 otherwise it would have been cool
  5. ...before selling it, I'd like to see if I can swap it with 1 tkt for 18th or 19th.. As I wrote, I have just collected it from MSG..so I have a paper copy of it!! Pls contact me urgently if interested!
  6. Hi guys..thank you to those who already wrote to me. I've just realized that I've made a mistake. There are no concerts the 21, so I would swap with any of the concers before the 22. I will be in NYC from 16, leaving the 23. Cheers
  7. I have 1 GA ticket available for the concert of 22 july. It's not in my hands cause as you all know you can only collect them in the Venue. I would be happy to swap it with 1 GA ticket for the concert of 21. Otherwise I'm gonna sell it at its face value. Of course, in any case we should meet in NYC to swap or buy, for the reasons above. Pls let me know if anyone is interested.
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