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  1. If anyone has extra RZ tickets they want to sell, I tried and failed during the presale and the general sale. My understanding is that these boards require face value resale, to avoid scalping which makes complete sense. Question for a moderator though. Can I offer to make an extra donation to (Red) if someone sells me their tickets at face value?
  2. Hi, This is Kailyn and I am just confirming what my Dad said above. Please help us get this resolved. I really, really, really want to go to the show and I did everything right. Thank-you.
  3. It is 12 noon...for North America. 10 am (local) for Europe. Look at the top of the Tour page on U2.com. It is pretty clear there - although I made the same mistake!
  4. Oops. Just reread and it is 10am for Experience, 10 am for Innocence in Europe, but 12 noon EST for Innocence in North America. Waiting another 90 minutes!
  5. Yes, I saw 10 am as well, but my code isn't working and it is 10:27. After yesterday's disaster, how can this be happening again?????
  6. Having a problem with my innocence code. When I input it into the ticket master web site, it says "Offer Code Incorrect: This promotion has not yet begun" . Just signed up yesterday and was not emailed the code (I failed to confirm my email), but I am using the code that was on my tour page. Help Please!
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