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  1. Got mine yesterday (left on the floor in the lobby 😠 , as seems to be the norm with packages these days) Got the shipping notice 3 weeks ago (June 10th) so not too much of a delay given the situation . Also the tracking # never worked , looks like it may be only for US orders. Viewed a couple of songs just to make sure there weren't any obvious problems and everything seems fine , Luc
  2. I'm also happy with the gift . Of course a Blu-Ray version would be better but it's still nicer than the vinyls of a couple of years ago , I just gave those away to a friend since I don't have a turntable. And a sometimes overlooked member benefit : the webmail account . Most people don't need it but I find it useful to unlock my hotmail account when traveling since I don't have a smartphone Luc
  3. It's kind of quiet at the office today 😴 so just for fun I tried to see what kind of tickets were left . As of 2 minutes ago it seems I could purchase quite easily (if I wanted them) 4 GA or 4 RZ in the RedHill pre-sale So probably one of the easier show to get a good ticket. Luc
  4. And , finally , I have received the 2017 Gift . Had to send an e-mail thru the Help section but once I got an answer it went pretty quickly (3 weeks) Luc
  5. Received my U2 3D vinyl last week in Montreal Still waiting for the 2017 gift ? Luc
  6. "People used their devices to film snippets" Except the guy in front of me (and next to the security guy) who filmed non-stop the first hour of the show (and spent at least 10 minutes before Bono appeared on stage filming the static image on the screen) ☚ī¸ Luc
  7. Based strictly on last night in Montreal . Red Zone was a bit of a disappointment this time around compared to 2015 : we're not as close to the catwalk from the I to E stages . There is a GA section (about 8-10 rows of people) between the catwalk and RZ . If you get there really early you might get a spot right in front of the main stage (in front of Adam or Edge , I think that's the closest you could get to the stage in the RZ) but people were already lining up around 16:15 and there is only room for about 6 people at that spot. Not sure about the bar . Luc
  8. Not sure about cameras but phones everywhere where out for filming
  9. There also a map but the system keeps telling me that I can only upload 798 Ko when I try to post it
  10. <div class="noscript-warning"> JavaScript is currently disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled to take full advantage of Box.</div>
  11. Looks like they might be a little late with the e-mail : last time around I received it on June 10th 2015 (around noon) for the June 13th show. Luc
  12. And I'm back from vacation , just in time to see a see a whole bunch of top priced ($199+$360) seats in sections 101-102-112-113-114-124 . Close to the floor but still no GA drop . Luc
  13. As long as you don't take advantage : 1 hour might be too long for a bathroom break or a bathroom break every 5 minutes might be exagerated or they might not be as welcoming if you come back with a dozen of your closest friends Luc
  14. Another so-so drop this morning , mostly overpriced seats far from the stage , one section each in price levels 1 , 2 and 3
  15. Vacation + visiting relatives , basically looking for some reprieve from the "wonderful" Montreal weather Luc
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