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  1. Ah okay, im not really looking for 5* hotel (well, id like but my bank account would say no haha!), just as long as its clean and comfortable i guess. Okay thank you, I'll look more in the centre of the city, i was worried about the getting back after the gig but thats good if public transport is good there seems so much to do in the city, i dont know what to prioritise. Although any time i go on holiday i have a thing about visiting a zoo/wildlife park, amsterdam zoo looks good, it looks like the zoo is a good one with looked after animals (and has golden cheek gibbons!!!!) so i think that one day, and then maybe a museum/park visit too. Just so excited already!!
  2. Hi, I got 2 tickets for amsterdam today. I am hoping to get another 4 monday too (x2 for london, x2 for somewhere else) but i wont if not allowed. Its quite confusing im seeing conflicting reports on this, i think we are okay for another x2 on the general sale monday, but dont know about the four monday..
  3. I am very happy to join the amsterdam thread. I got x2 tickets for the first night. Ive never been to Holland so am much looking forward to it, any tips what to do, where to stay etc etc much appreciated. Will probably be able to stay for two nights in the city im hoping
  4. This may not be of much help but national express often run coaches for big events - the killers at wembley they ran coaches, to football matches etc. if you are fairly near a big city/town theyll usually have something running. I live quite far away from London (3 hours) but there is a town not too far that if I was to choose an event i can catch a national express coach. Just thinking if this is feasible for you it may help with the expenses as would be coach and concert trip in one day (the coaches wait 20-30 mins after the concert to take you home). Also, they venue may offer free/discounted ticket for the carer if you ask them Good luck x
  5. Very, Very happy customer here too Luckily i had a few venues I was happy to choose between, the computer loaded up my tab for Amsterdam first so i tried to get RZ, it said no but offered GA. I snapped them up, ive been lucky enough to see U2 twice before but both times seated far away/up with the gods, so the fact that i am getting to see them and be close to them i am thrilled about (and to be honest, i couldnt really afford Red zone, GA price is very fair). And visiting a new country / having a mini holiday will be awesome too Woop Woop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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