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  1. I too Jumped through all the hoops and did not receive a code for the general sale. So no tix for me either. Unreal.
  2. The "good old days" were when "real fans" camped outside local record stores overnight and hoped they would be at the front of the line before tickets ran out when they were released in the morning.
  3. Yeah - the order being - get you to the point where you cannot breathe any longer, then they give you a brief rest while you turn the album over - the first song on side 2 being a bit brighter, thereby lifting you up a bit more before driving you completely to "The Edge" and finally blowing you away. I have a feeling they'll be shoveling more than a few of us off ground each night
  4. Emerging from the shadows and tall trees to answer this question: Yes, I was there for Meadowlands, MSG, and Nassau Coliseum on the original JT tour. My sister lived in London at the time, so I also got to fly over for the show at Wembley. My very first U2 show was the Unforgettable Fire at Radio City - I was 16. We had row 6 tickets and I rushed the stage on the first note. At 4'10", I was getting crushed up against the stage, so I climbed up onto this "lip" that I think is for the Rockettes' footlights - anyhow - Bono motioned to security to let me be and that's where I stayed f
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