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  1. They have added plenty of shows and tickets became easier to get. Heck, these new shows arent even close to sold out. I cant imagine why people could not get tickets. Im shocked with the lack of demand for these shows. This tour is nothing like it was the last arena tour.
  2. It was so easy to get tickets the second day of the presale, so no excuses for not getting tickets. Maybe it is time to get rid of AOL dial up. You people may benefit from the secondary market as it is saturated and many tickets are priced just about cost. Remember prices include 25% total commission and shipping.
  3. Anyone can list a ticket at any stupid price. They do it so people post on these forums, facebook and probably the news will cover it tonight. Just ignore it and move on
  4. 4 Tickets per show day. They are not going to limit you to buying multiple shows. With the slow sales during the presale, they may not even care if you go over the limit.
  5. Presale was very easy today. I wonder if the demand is still there for U2.
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