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  1. I have just 'pushed the boat' out also and booked a ticket for the red MGZ for the first show in Belfast. Hope it's a good call and will give me a good view of the stage from there.
  2. have never been to this venue and am just trying to figure out which are the best side on blocks to sit in. presumably lower tier is the best view and it looks like blocks 5 or 22 or 4 or 23 are the closest if i am interpreting the plan correctly. can't quite work out how the seat numbers go in these blocks. anyone very familar with the seating at belfast?
  3. Although the music generation zone standing areas are cordoned off and less crowded than the general admission standing areas at both venues, it seems to be that the GA areas are perhaps better for viewing if I am interpreting things correctly. At Belfast, although the MGZ is at the front, the zones are to the sides and at Dublin the MGZ is behind the GA areas so in both instances they seem to be inferior viewing areas to GA, am I correct on this or have I misinterpreted something?
  4. Thanks folks, interestingly when I booked my ticket for London, I got offered what I considered was a poor ticket in the presale and rejected it. I held my nerve and waited for the general sale and snagged a much better seat via that route so it will be interesting to see what the presale offers me tomorrow. I find the secret with these things is not to panic and not to necessarily dive in for the first seats offered to you and often presales don't have all the best seats/tickets. It was though a lot less stressful back in the day when I just rolled up at the Liverpool Royal Court box office in 1983 and just queued for a short while to get my ticket. I long for those simpler times rather than today's corrupt ticketing systems with all those rip off secondary ticketing sites and all the confusing presales requiring this particular credit card or a specific mobile phone network to qualify. Guess I'm just a grumpy old man now
  5. Many thanks for that info but I have just realised that I can't make a purchase anyway until tomorrow lunchtime as I'm in the UK. Hope there will be some decent tix still up for grabs. Out of interest, did it let you choose specific blocks/seats or did it select them automatically? Also, which venue is perceived to be better, Dublin one or Belfast?
  6. Hi folks, I have my presale code but can't figure out how to get to the point of actually purchasing the tickets, where exactly do I click on to get to that place? Also, what are perceived as the best blocks at both Dublin and Belfast arenas? I thought the Dublin area was all standing downstairs with seating overhead but when I search for a plan of the arena, it comes up as it being all seated, is that correct or not? Is the Dublin arena the one that used to be The Point? I'm guessing it is. Any advice appreciated.
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