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  1. I received my CD pre sale code and live in Dublin. Simple question, Will I be able to use this code for a Dublin show when it is announced? Or is the code only good for gigs that are confirmed??
  2. Phew!! Panic over, Got GA tickets for Dublin Tues Night... Thrilled!!
  3. Quick question, If I have already purchased tickets for a London show, can I still use the same credit card to book tickets for a Dublin show. With all the questions about only 2 tickets per transaction, credit card, billing address etc I am starting to worry that this will affect me getting tickets on my Credit Card on Ticketmaster Monday morning?? Please help!!??
  4. Just a quick question about the Dublin tickets, On Ticketmaster they say 2 tickets per transaction, Credit card, Billing address etc, and if you buy more they can cancel the extra order right,?? so my question is, I have already purchased 2 tickets for a London show, does this matter when I go to buy tickets for Dublin on the same credit card, billing address etc?? Please help, head wrecked!! Cheers!
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