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  1. Hello, mine is supposed to be shipped since one month, but still nothing received. moreover, the 18 digits tracking code provided on my order page is not recognized by UPS. What am I supposed to do ? Wait more ?
  2. Hello from France ! Picture taken at Dublin, November 6, 2018.
  3. Wow... even the giant Joshua stage will look tiny in this place !
  4. I received the same. They should avoid the words <ERROR> or deeply sorry, in their communication emails, especially when you ordered tickets from overseas. It had the same effect on me than the 'bomb' word in a plane. Pretty scary !
  5. They updated the delivery notification : Pick up at "Seven-Eleven" stores in Japan *But except for (RED) ZONE STANDING
  6. I was also quite surprised to have only this pick-up delivery option. Anyway, it's still safer than to be scared of a postal delivery loss
  7. From what I know with the experience of past presales : 4 tickets each, so 8 tickets in total. Nevermind the credit card number, you can use the same or different ones, as you want.
  8. "You want to say hello to Japan ? Say hello to Japan !” – Bono, Red Rocks 1983
  9. Just received the email for the Red Hill Group... There seems to be two links for japanese shows : one in japanese, one in english
  10. Thanks Pat, I hope the presale link will send europeans fans to livenation or an english language website... and not to pia, as pia has no english version.
  11. Thanks Max. I'm crossing the fingers ! Lost in translation
  12. Hello, So excited to have a new tour coming ! I visited pia website for Japan ticket, there seems to be no english version... And I don't speak japanese. So I'm a little bit concerned to not be able to order tickets, even with my RedHill presale code. Any suggestion to make booking tickets easy for European fans who will travel to Japan for the Tokyo concerts ?
  13. Do you know where do we have to go after the show to get numbers for tomorrow GA line ?
  14. and the famous Zooropa Tour introduction to Zoo Station
  15. Well, I admit it's a little bit scary. Reminds me the music during the opening of "The Shining'.
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