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  1. Hey Canadanne, it's been a long time since alt.fan.u2
  2. Reminds me dark hours of the LoveTown tour, when Bono lost his voice in Dortmund and then shows in Holland were postponed. Hoping the best for Bono and the band. We love you.
  3. (i stage)01. Where The Streets Have No Name02. Gloria03. Lights Of Home04. Summer Of Love05. Cedarwood Road06. God Part II07. Red Flag Day / The Refugee (Snippet)08. Book Of Your Heart09. 1310. Until The End Of The World11. Zoo Station12. Do You Feel Loved(e stage)13. Angel Of Harlem14. All I Want Is You15. Bad / Heroes (Snippet)16. Every Breaking Wave(i stage)17. Please / Sunday Bloody Sunday (Snippet)18. Exit / Gloria (Snippet)19. Love Is All We Have Left20. The Blackout(e stage)21. The Little Things That Give You Away22. Stay (Faraway, So Close !)(i stage)23. Party Girl24. Eleven O'Clock Ti
  4. In fact, it seems that I'm blocked since I registered as a Verified Fan
  5. It seems my internet box IP is blocked. When I try to share the 4G connection with my mobile, it works. I sent an email to ticketmaster support.
  6. Hello, I'm unable to access to any page of the ticketmaster.com website. I always get this message "Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server". I cleared my cache, I tried to connect with and without the link from u2.com, more over even when I only type 'www.ticketmaster.com' in my browser I get this message. When I try to click on U2.com tickets button from the tour page, I get this : Error 401 Not allowed Not allowed Guru Mediation: Details: cache-lhr6342-LHR 1510850640 3131743376 Varnish cache server What's going on ?
  7. Same to me Cazza. Fan since 85, I didn't miss any tour since 87, Propaganda subscriber since 88. And still iNNOCENT because I was a little late for renewal. Feels bitter.
  8. As far as I remember, the group you belong always been displayed on profile at the same time you receive your presale code. Just wait patiently for the Lord
  9. The eXPERIENCE Group of longtime Subscribers are members who were current, paid Subscribers on December 24, 2016 and have maintained their paid status without lapsing. These Subscribers will have access on the first day of the Verified Subscriber Presale and will use a Presale access code to unlock ticket inventory. The codes will use the prefix: U18A followed by a unique (x) digit access code.The iNNOCENCE Group are Subscribers who joined or upgraded an expired account after December 25, 2016. These Subscribers will have access on the second day of the Verified Subscriber Presale and will use
  10. Don't know if they are the nicest, but surely the best audience in the world...
  11. I was at Montpellier concert, on July 18th 1987. The openers were Big Audio Dynamite, UB40 and The Pretenders. I was sixteen three days after. It was a hot summer night, I was around 20 feet from the stage, and this show made the U2 fan I am still today. It was my second concert, first one was Queen the year before. I will celebrate this 30th anniversary on July 18th 2017 in Barcelona with one of my best friend, who also was in Montpellier in 1987. Then I'll go to Dublin, and to Paris for 2 gigs. Can't wait for this
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