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  1. version of the “Pride” video features the faces of the band members and was filmed by Anton Corbijn. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlEzQiAvhbI&feature=emb_title
  2. I agree that new tour only in 2022
  3. How about as a gift with the 2021 new year signature?
  4. I'm from Brazil and I've always received gifts. But, unfortunately this year, I haven't received it yet! I am waiting.
  5. This year I had the same problem, I haven't received the gift yet. I emailed help, and I always got a response. They also send the link to accompany the order. The problem is when it arrives in my country, it gets stuck at customs. In previous years, I have not had this problem. I'm still waiting.
  6. Hi, Although I have been here for a few years, I never participated actively in the forums, but I will start participating more. My name is Alexandre and I'm from Fortaleza, Brazil
  7. I also believe in this fact.
  8. I also believe in this fact.
  9. Let's wait for the surprises.
  10. Truth! I did not remember this fact.
  11. Truth! I did not remember this fact.
  12. Achtung Baby again? I don't know, I believe in a tour to celebrate ZOO TV! Not in 2021. The Joshua Tree Tour film is very likely.
  13. What to expect from U2 in 2021?
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