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  1. Same here. I was on my computer at the start of sale and never got a shot at anything but seats. Very disappointed.
  2. I was right there for the start of the iNNOCENCE group too...no GAs for DC at 1:01 PM ET. I tried for half an hour and only got seats offered. Yet Stubhub has GAs for a huge markup already. Something clearly went wrong with the whole "Verified Fan" thing. Very disappointed.
  3. There's a Facebook group for this show too, and someone in there has said he started the GA line already. Check there for more info too perhaps? Take this with a grain of salt, but my past experiences in GA lines have all depended on the people around me in said line. Once we had talked for a while and became friends, we all worked out times for each of us to leave during the day for rest, bathroom breaks, lunch, etc.
  4. I'm definitely assuming the GA line and numbers too, but thought it might help to get some basic info out. I hope it all goes smoothly and there aren't any clashes with security over anything. It's been fine at every other show I've attended. By the way, there's a Facebook group for the Pitt show too, though so far nobody has posted info about early lining up. Maybe check there for more info occasionally?
  5. The Heinz Field website has specific info about parking and timing. Parking lots open at 3PM. Gates open at 5PM. Lining up for GA is from 12PM apparently. Hope this helps!
  6. If it helps, this is copied directly from the Heinz Field website's "Info Packet" page. Guests with tickets Field/General Admission Tickets may begin to line up at 12:00pm outside of Gate 6.
  7. See attached photo. Edge was rocking this awesome shirt during the early part of the show and I MUST HAVE IT. If anyone can identify the brand or point me in the direction of where I might search, I would be super grateful. Fashion folks, please help!
  8. Ignore the PayPal comment. That's for selling a different ticket. Sorry for any confusion.
  9. Plans were meant to change this time apparently, so I have a spare GA ticket for the 7/27 show. Really hoping to trade it for a GA for 7/26 to let someone experience the magic. The ticket is via Ticketmaster, so I can transfer directly. PayPal preferred.
  10. How much? Selling as singles or pair?
  11. I really want to be there for the first show. Does anyone have a GA they are willing to sell or swap? I can trade my GA ticket for the 26th or 27th if you like. Trying to see the show with my sister, which would be the first time we've seen U2 together since Elevation.
  12. Sent you a PM though I may be too late.
  13. I am more than willing to buy, but I can also trade for one of my other tickets (1 GA each for 7/26 and 7/27). I really want to grab a ticket to the 18th show to join my sister. We haven't been to a U2 show together since Elevation and I want to change that. Let me know and thanks!
  14. To the person who bought them: Do you need both? I am only after 1.
  15. Just checking, does it have to be the 31st? I could trade you a GA ticket for the 26th or 27th if that would work?
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