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  1. I saw both the Denver shows, Nov. 7-8. I'm pretty sure they used at least some footage from November 7 in the movie. In particular the song Bad - on November 8 Bono crowdsurfed on his back for about half the song and my friends and I were saying "this is definitely going in the movie" and IIRC it is not. That song, or at least some of it, was filmed on 11/7. There may be others, too, don't remember.
  2. Just got an email that my tickets have been printed and will be mailed soon.
  3. Well, maybe not for everyone then? All I know is that when I look at my tickets under my account on the Ticketmaster site, there is no longer the message about the tickets being on a delivery delay like there was previously. Doesn't mean they have been mailed yet, but no longer in "Delivery Delay" status. These are GA tix bought in the presale.
  4. Appears to have been lifted today.
  5. My understanding with MSG GA tix, which I also just got two of, is that the options are either mobile (tix on your phone) or hard tickets mailed to you - no print at home option. This is what Ticketmaster told me yesterday. Does anyone have the print at home option for MSG GA tix?
  6. I'm looking to trade 2 7/30 GA tix for 2 GA tix to either 7/23 or 7/31 (if it happens).
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