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  1. Please please they play Streets ! unlikely I know but here’s hoping ?? failing that Miss Sarajevo , two hopes .... Bob Hope and No Hope , can’t wait, seen every tour since 1987 , Manchester ..Bring it on !,! Thank goodness we are there both nights ??
  2. I was emailed a code from Universal and managed to get tickets today , no problem
  3. Hey thanks for that !! I hope I get selected Although must say 20 minutes before the show?? Come ON ?? I too would be worried about losing my much guarded place. what do you think of Red Zone. Have only ever been right on the rail at the front in touching distance so guess this will ne a new experience for me !!
  4. Same here so wouldn't worry. I have confirmation email from TM and order details/ref but no money has come off cc yet. Think I have read a few like this so maybe early days for the. Only ?
  5. thanks ! will keep everything crossed then!
  6. Have always been a "Pit" GA queuer. Due to cancer, chemotherapy next year blah blah, have bought Red Zone tickets for Glasgow for the first time. On ticketmaster it says something about possibility of being selected for backstage tour, which would be awesome Does anyone know how you will know, how to enter ??? etc Do you have to do something to enter or is it randomly selected from Red Zone tickets. Any idea ??
  7. YAY !!!! Got Red Zone tickets for Glasgow-Saturday. Have been hardcore GA queuer for 20 plus years and always been lucky enough to be in the pit on the rail in touching distance. However having just had major surgery for cancer, I will have just finished chemotherapy next year when they tour and unsure how well I will be so decided to sod the £££ and go for Red Zone. Hope it doesn't disappoint. Anyone any experience of Red Zone ? Does it match up to the Pit ?? Roll on November 2015
  8. Buzzing :D Have Red Zone tickets for Glasgow !! Have been hard-core GA for past 20 plus years. Always been in the pit, always on the rail. Even survived the barrier breaking angry stampede in Rome!! I have just had major surgery for cancer and will have just finished chemo next year when they tour, so thought I would be better in Red Zone next year. Although will be gutted to miss the queue banter, aching legs and back and exhaustion Hope the Red Zone doesn't disappoint
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