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  1. I remember queueing there for Bowie and there was nothing there and we spent hours in the miserable rain. And now. Now there's Starbucks. Hallelujah. (never thought I'd say that about Starbucks)
  2. Yeah I hate those. At least most of the ticketmaster.ie ones are kind of solvable, most of the time I can't even figure out what they say. For me it helped going back to the "overview" page a few times as well.
  3. Seriously keep trying. One moment nothing comes up the next you're in.... Try singles each time.
  4. He/she just contacted me. Will definitely do so if my number 4 decides to go for an alternative option, but won't know yet until I get my group together tomorrow. I literally just bought the two singles on ticketmaster 2 hours ago though so keep trying!
  5. Thanks for the feedback... I suspected that, was hoping that in reality they were a little more lenient than it appeared to be. So in that case the 1 person is just plain out of luck and he'll just have to wait for us tardy ones and if he can't live with that, I'm sure I can find someone who will want to take the spare of me @ cost and make some new friends
  6. Can anyone that went to the Dublin 1/2 shows give me more of a heads up on how ticketless entry worked? I just managed to pick up 2 additional GAs in the ticketdrop, which made 2 of my friends VERY happy as they are already in Dublin. Naturally I'll be passing them onto them at no additional cost. However we are now a group of 4. Tickets were bought in 3 batches (2 in the original sale and now two times a single ticket) and they are all on my 1 creditcard. Of the 4, 1 probably wants to queue way earlier than the rest, but I am not sure that's going to work? Can I exchange (at least 1 of my) orders to a hardcopy somehow, or is really the ONLY option to queue all together?
  7. I don't think paperless has ever been done in Ireland before, so you can expect it to be a complete cock up. I just can't see them calmly checking credit card and ID at the door.
  8. true. i think it's just the new paperles ticket technology that has everyone frantic. at least the charges show as pending now on my credit card account. I can't see that work anyway, but we'll see.
  9. Kind of like how I felt when I realised the little phone app that generates my "secured by VISA" secure code thingie was on my phone that got stolen last week!! Never asked for it. My checkout did say Ireland though, so I guess I know live in Ireland (again).
  10. It is. Mine specifically state Full Price Standing and that's the amount. It was a completely different button from the main "selection" screen for student tickets. Top one for regular, 4th or so for students. So if you just went for the top buttons, you did fine and they screwed up. Also what's the point in student tickets when they're the same price anyway? It shouldn't matter. It sounds like they released the student allocations after normal ones were gone or something.
  11. If I remember correctly I heard someone say they had to completely rearrange the venue to make the stage fit. Stage layout is completely different too, with e-stage in the middle, rather than at the knob-end bit Ffin U2 in the Point, how awesome is that??? (nevermind what they want to call it these days, it will always be the Point!)
  12. Not sure the Ireland thing matters much, cause it's more aimed at sending out tickets and their system isn't set up for dealing with paperless ticketing. Still can't believe I got through and still half expecting them to cancel my tickets for whatever reason.
  13. I'm confused. Also couldn't set my country to anything but "Ireland", so I hope my creditcards don't get rejected because of that :-/
  14. I just pulled 2 GAs for the Friday at approx 9:40, so keep trying!!
  15. Pro tip re tickets, if you have the e-ticket, some ID and your original creditcard, the ticket office @ Ziggy Dome will quite gladly print out the ticket for you. I quite chronically suffer from "forgot to print my ticket" :-)
  16. I have a spare collector's ticket (it's a laminate rather than a paper ticket) for 13/09 and I am looking to do a straight swap for 1 GA for the first concert on the 8th of September.
  17. it says 14 days is the latest they will be sent out. that doesn't say a lot thoigh there's 9 months between now and then
  18. i have 1 ga for 13 as well and want to swap for 12 ga
  19. I am in the same situation. bought two for 13 too unfortunately because thats what the faq said. called ticketmaster and they said i should have just booked 1 each!! feeling a bit screwed now because of the disinformation and nobody is responding so i guess trying to swap is the only option. really sucks. so much ripping off going on on marktplaats already.
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