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  1. Forget it. Just got this email from Ticketmaster confirming I'm still registered: See details and dates below to help you get ready. Important Dates The Citi Presale will begin tomorrow,Thursday, November 30, 2017 at 9am venue local time. You’ll receive a text tomorrow morning 2-4 hours before the Citi Presale begins on Thursday, November 30 prior to the Citi Presale at 9AM venue local time. Your text will include your purchase window details, your unique access code and link to purchase your tickets.
  2. Ok, thanks. I pre registered with Citi the first time and then never ended up using the code they sent me. I didn't register again, so hopefully the code still works tomorrow. Do you know what time the Citi pre sale opens?
  3. Anyone know if Citibank is doing the pre sale for second round of dates too? If not, when do tickets go on sale to general public. For Chicago.
  4. I have one GA available for Saturday. $95 Its credit card entry, so you'd need to meet me in line and come in with me. I'm hoping to be there by about 11:00. If you can be there earlier, better still. PM if interested
  5. I have tickets for the United Center in section 226. They state 'Limited View'. Is this a United Center issue? Or is this the case in that spot at every venue? I couldn't find anyone talking about it at any other city locations. And does anyone know what the 'limited view' is?
  6. Scored two great tickets 6 rows up in section 117 for a good price in pre sale, June 29. Now I'm panicking a bit as they are at the end of what looks to be like a very long stage. Is there any info yet on how the stage is laid out? Will I be looking at the side of their heads all night?
  7. acedj1

    Tickets left?

    No worries. Thanks for your help
  8. acedj1

    Tickets left?

    Awesome. Thanks Do you know how much 100 level tix are? And GA and Red Zone? Ticketmaster won't let me click on them without an offer code
  9. acedj1

    Tickets left?

    I'm thinking about resubscribing tonight to qualify me for pre sale tomorrow. Does anyone know if there are still tickets available for Chicago? They've already been on sale today for Experience subscribers so I'm worried they're all going to be gone by tomorrow
  10. acedj1

    Local Time

    Site says that tickets go on sale 10:00am local time. I'm in Chicago and want to buy tickets for Chicago. Does this mean that people on the East Coast can buy tickets for Chicago an hour before us? Or people in London buy them 6 hours before us?
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