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  1. Well Ticketmaster still has seats for sale and Vividseats even has Red Zone tickets listed plus a ton of others. From all I'm seeing online I expect this place to be half empty tonight.
  2. Brought tickets back in November for St. Louis at 325 a seat. Today same section and same row are 106 a seat. I'll never do a pre-sale again for any show by anyone. If I want to go I'm buying tickets no more than 2 days before or I just won't go. Tired of being ripped off. Fuck Ticketmaster.
  3. Well I checked St. Louis again and still a lot of tickets left. See they added another show for Chicago, wonder why cause there's still tickets for the 1st one left. I think they'll have to slash ticket prices or this tour is going to flop.
  4. Just logged on to Ticketmaster to check the ticket sales out for the St. Louis show. Awful lot of tickets left for sale. 2 yrs ago they sold out 5 shows in Chicago. They had 2 originally scheduled, and those were sold out in no time at all and ended up adding 3 more. I finally ended up being able to get tickets to the 4th show that year. Hmmmm... do sky high ticket prices = no sell outs???
  5. Ahhhh...I some have news for you. Kid Rock doesn't play to empty venues, he sells out almost every single show. I should know having seen him more than 10 times over the years. And he cares more for his fans than apparently U2 does.....
  6. Received an email this morning from Ticketmaster to redeem my ticket purchase for a copy of the new cd. Clicked on the link and verified my info, clicked finish, and was told it had already been redeemed. Brilliant, just brilliant! Ticketmaster could fuck up a wet dream.... lol.
  7. Personally I think this whole verified fan crap and pre-registering for the CHANCE to be able to buy a ticket, even for the public sale, is going to drive ticket prices in the secondary market sky high because of so many people being shut out of even having the chance to buy a ticket. Stupidest move ever.....
  8. Stubhub is Ebay owned and operates the same way. They take a fee of re-sales, don't actually own the tickets...
  9. Let's face it, Ticketmaster is Satan. Personally for me, enough is enough, I'm done going to concerts. When demand exceeds supply it's a sellers market plain and simple. They could price every seat at $1,000 and i bet they would all sell because people are stupid enough to pay it, they think I just gotta be there! The reality is no you don't....
  10. Buy the DVD for $20 is sounding alot better.
  11. Yep happened to me with St. Louis. Completely sucked. I'm about done going to concerts, just too much BS to deal with anymore besides the ticket prices which are sky high for this tour.
  12. Did you watch the video? I did. If he wasn't doing anything wrong why would he run like he did? He hit the cop car, damn near ran them over, and takes off driving at speeds over 80 mph on city streets. The gun wasn't planted, where's the officer going to hide a gun of that size as to not be seen on him? Smith was a drug dealer and a thug, plain and simple. He been arrested several times. Court records show he had a criminal record that included convictions for unlawful possession of a firearm and drug distribution. At the time of the shooting, he was on probation for a theft charge related to a 2010 crime in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson. Heroin was found in the car. He ran because as a felon if you're caught with heroin and a firearm, you are doing time period. Free ticket back to the big house. Here's some advice, when stopped by the police, be polite, do exactly as they tell you, and you'll be just fine. Because without a police force what you'll have is anarchy. If BLM wants to protest something, tell em to pick any democratic controlled city like say Chicago and protest the killings there, heck they only had 10 killed and 32 wounded this past weekend. Oh I forgot, black on black crime doesn't matter.....
  13. Guess ticketmaster changed their minds, my tickets will be refunded.
  14. Well as fate would have it my daughter had an accident and cut the bottom of her foot last night. Took 20 stitches to close both cuts up. So I am sol for today's show and wishing I'd brought insurance for my tickets. $1700 out the window, ticketmaster wouldn't refund the tickets.
  15. I've got 4 very nice seats for the second show in Chicago but have lately been thinking of selling them because of all the shootings there. Chicago just isn't a safe place to visit any more. Very concerned about taking my son and daughter to the show.
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