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  1. Just saw this https://seatgeek.com/u2-tickets/new-york-new-york-madison-square-garden-2015-07-22-8-pm/concert/2425719/?utm_source=malone&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=user-alert&ref=0845a734-a73f-11e4-bc00-22000b5a84f2 Definitely shows a center stage.
  2. I don't think Amsterdam is wrong at all. We just don't know how it will be put to use. Amsterdam does not have the round "Stage B" that is show in San Jose. All other stages seem to end in a rectangular shape. Guess we'll all find out soon enough.
  3. I know..it's Britney Spears..ugh...but think it could be very close to this. http://aviewfrommyseat.com/photo/20004/Madison+Square+Garden/
  4. It would be a lot easier to take that suggestion seriously if ticket prices weren't so high. I hear ya! Just saying that it's too early to be dissuaded by assumptions based on one diagram when all other diagrams point to something else. Not sure about Amsterdam. Maybe they don't use the permanent stage.
  5. It really is too early to jump to any conclusions about a "Main Stage". Only one arena has a diagram with a "Main Stage". That is San Jose. The images above (arenas) all show no main stage with GA surrounding the stage. Amsterdam seems to be more of an amphitheater setup so it may have permanent stage. Nothing that can be done about that. Everyone just needs to wait and see what the final stage design is before getting worried.
  6. Same as 114. Starting to make me feel better and think there is no real stage setup. I do think this could be the case. Side stage would be the narrow side and limited view of the video screens. If you look at RZ for MSG those seats are just off center. Again, if I paid for RZ I would want to be in the heart of the action. Those seats appear to do just that.
  7. These are the important quotes from Billboard: http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/6334847/u2-innocence-experience-tour-dates-2015 If there were tickets priced as low (101-103) as those on the opposite side of RZ (111-113) it would suggest that the monitors will run the length of the stage and the monitors may not be visible by either extreme end of the stage. As you get more towards the middle on ether side of the stage the prices go up accordingly. This would also suggest no Main Stage A or B Stage by RZ. If I paid those RZ prices I would not want to be on the far end of the
  8. The San Jose map may be exactly right for San Jose but other sites have the map as its laid out for MSG. Right now, it's too early to assume anything. Yes, San Jose has a more detailed map, but it is the only one of its kind. I really don't think the band would have pulled bait and switch by not spelling out exactly where the stage is for ticket buyers.
  9. I got 114 at MSG as well. So far only one venue has the "stage" image shown. The rest are all the long rectangular version. From the Billboard article it seems like the stage will be a long rectangle with monitors running the length of the rectangular stage on both sides. There is also GA space on both sides of the stage which leads me to further believe this will be the case. I made the same rash decision based on the configuration presented. I'm thinking certain sections in various arenas may present the notice of obstructed views based on classic stage setups. This does not appear to be the
  10. Having the same thoughts. I got what is typically side stage seating at MSG but the stage diagram shows just one rectangular stage. I'm assuming, at this point, that drums are in the middle and there may not be any obstructed views.
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