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  1. Just got GA tickets for Philly to go with the GA tickets for Uniondale and the regular seats for Newark and Philly night number one.
  2. Someone leaked the new album and I got to hear it. I also got a new pair of sneakers to add to my collection. So overall it's been a good day.
  3. They just added a second vegas show. I just hope they don’t add a second newark show. The whole reason I bought tickets to that show was because it was the last show for the north american leg.
  4. The code that you got yesterday was for yesterday. It's a free for all now.
  5. Yeah I didn't realize how lucky I got. I was even able to grab ga for Uniondale. I'll be in the upper seats for Philly and Newark though but at least I'm in the building. Yeah don't give up I honestly think after this general onsale tomorrow for most of these dates they'll add more shows.
  6. I already got tickets in the innocence presale and the onsale today. I'll be hitting the Uniondale, Newark and Philly shows.
  7. That's incorrect. The new show they just added is using a new sign up go to the tour page and the new date will have a link to sign up.
  8. Info for Tulsa Info for St. Luis Info for San Jose The info isn't showing for Inglewood on Ticketmaster (might not have one) Chicago Nashville The info for Uniondale isn't showing on Ticketmaster (might not have one) Washington DC The info for Boston isn't showing on Ticketmaster (Might not have one) The info for New York City isn't showing on Ticketmaster (Might not have one) Newark
  9. give me a second and I'll post screen shots for you. I'm on the Ticketmaster website on my laptop.
  10. it's now starting to pop up on a lot more shows like all of the shows except for Uniondale and New York have them now.
  11. I'm not sure to be honest Newark is showing a general sale tomorrow at ten instead of the verified fan sale but it doesn't look like any of the other shows are showing that. I'd try for Newark if you can travel and if they add more dates you could probably try for those. Not sure how likely that is though seeing as these dates haven't sold out yet. Looks like that "presale" pop up is showing for Chicago too.
  12. No issues here. Got GA for Uniondale in the innocence presale then got into Philly and Newark. Mind you those weren't GA but I'm fine with that seeing as I got GA tickets for this tour already.
  13. you had to sign up for the general sale as well or you couldn't get tickets. There was the fan club sign up, the Citi presale sign up, and the general onsale sign up. If you didn't sign up for that one you aren't getting a code. Also you would've gotten a code already for that sale they went out at ten this morning.
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