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  1. OK hought about this long and hard... Slane was u2 at their peak... I was too young for joshua and zoo TV tours but have been to all tours since....this feels like their stage of life where they dominated and f**kin loved it
  2. Hi all Would really love to bring my 6 year old son to the croker gig. Stupid question but does anyone know if he needs a ticket ?
  3. Sad day to hear the last of txfm Dublin but exciting to hear u2 thanking them and a new song ?

    1. pain_18_


      What new song ?

    2. mich40


      I posted a thread about it in the U2 'Net News forum.


  4. In the same boat. Signed up at the same time.
  5. panic is acceptable! yah thats the plan with the e-mail.. keep an eye on the TOURS tab too as well as here- the TBC's should change at some stage... Look at Ticketmaster site- see theres two tabs for each show- one the music generation (red zone) and it indicates that they are there for presale so I think YES... debatable I know about the cost but needs may dictate... seating plan if they keep it looks okish to me... if I'm lucky & I've a choice and the money I may have a lot of explaining to do tomorrow afternoon. Good luckCheers mate. Think atmosphere is better on the floor. Was at 360 2 nights. One on floor and other seating. Floor won hands down. Although the Point ( to give it its real name) could be different for seating
  6. So we'll receive an email before tomorrow morning ? Beginning to panic myself. Will we have a chance to buy Red Zone tickets? Are they worth it ? Bit steep
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