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  1. You've got a message: look at the top the little envelope icon...
  2. Hi julieanne, I still have the tickets, and they are e tickets. I'm even not sure that I had a choice while ordering them. Because for Rome, where I'll be this WE, I paid extra for hard tickets that I got sent... Also the reason I sell is, that at first we could just get normal GA tickets for saturday, and when the 2nd show came out, I grabbed the chance to get Redzone tickets, as I take my younger girls to the concert and one of her is a bit claustrophobic... Till now we thought some friends of us would join us for Amsterdam and attend the first night, but as we travel in from Luxem
  3. just posted to sell 4 tickets, also sell 2 by 2...
  4. Hi, I just put 4 tickets on the market, I can also sell them 2 by 2... see my topic under daniw Danielle
  5. Hi, I sell 4 GA tickets for sunday 30 July for face value + subscription costs... I'm in Luxembourg, some our friends won't be able to attend the concert.. We will be in Ams from saturday on and could so hand out the tickets to you directly. Danielle
  6. HI, I got 4 tickets GA for Rome to sell at face value plus inscription tax. I can hand out the tickets in Luxembourg right now, otherwise it could also be in Rome from the 14th on in the evening or the 15th (exact place to be defined), I will attend the concert on the 16th. Danielle
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