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  1. happy birthday Bono! to you and Jordan! from Italy, with love
  2. hey boy, I know what you try to do.. and I can just say thank you for support and suggestions.. of course, if the Pope will reply to any of my letters, you will know about it.. have a great time you too!
  3. .. everyone has a long bad story to tell.. and me too.. but don't want to go too much off-topic. I know your suggest is the best for me, but I hope she will be happy, one day, thinking I did all this for her..
  4. your advice is right.. of course it's the best thing.. but I will try.. just to make her happy, if one day I will have success..
  5. maybe someone here got a call from the Pope.. I don't want to be blasheme, but I think it's more possible to have Pope's number than Bono's.. I live in Italy and I know he phones sometimes to people asking for his help.. anyway, I have decided to write him letters.. thank you pain
  6. Hello everybody, I need Pope's Francis mobile phone number. I have to ask him for Bono's. please don't ban me, I'm terribly serious. the woman I love left me, I'm just looking for a miracle to let her know I can do everything for her. thanks everybody. ps: I'm not mad (except for her)
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