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  1. I don't even know how to read twitter, let alone tweet. why can't they just make this stuff simple? ticketmaster sucks.
  2. So, I finally received my experience code earlier today... However, it came as a simple text with no sender information or instructions besides a line of scrambled letters.. assuming it was the typical spam that has plagued my phone, i deleted it and din't think anything of it. I log in tonight, and see that ticketmaster apparently sent out codes to everyone who got screwed the day before.. so my question is, who do i contact to get the code re-sent?
  3. don't worry guys, i'm sure they'll allow all of us to purchase their VIP packages aka "band scalped tickets" without a code next week.
  4. they tell actual fans they can't buy tickets because they didn't meet ticketmaster's ridiculous requirements, all in the name of stopping scalping.. yet are charging over $325 for half-decent seats and putting most of the good stuff in expensive VIP packages. who is scalping who again? and btw, congrats.. you didn't get tickets and now ticketmaster has your contact information for spamming you.
  5. it wasn't a lottery.. Ticketmaster's ridiculous algorithm blacklisted you. if you didn't get an experience code, which is supposed to be guaranteed (unless you're deemed a scalper), guaranteed you're blacklisted for the Citi and general sales too. well done U2 and Ticketmaster. hopefully they play in front of half empty arenas.
  6. Probably a lot of people went to bed after reading the initial instructions email and will wake up rudely to the rejection email. Hell, they waited so long to even send out the initial email, I'm sure a lot of working people on the east coast probably went to bed before that. this verified thing is a scam. ticketmaster just wants everyone to sign up for their account so they can spam you. crooks.
  7. what's the purpose of verifying anyone anyhow? at $325+ for half decent lower level seats BEFORE FEES, and bunch of VIP packages and platinum seats, who exactly is doing the scalping here? maybe they used to care about giving fans a fair shake, but ever since livenation showed them how much money they were leaving on the table by pricing their seats reasonably in the past, they've completely sold out for the $$$ and it's gotten worse with every tour.
  8. Why are any of you surprised this would end up backstabbing us? This verified crap is just a scam for ticketmaster and livenation to gather your contact information and spam you. open your eyes. I have ALWAYS been able to get good tickets as a legacy,experience, whatever term member... ALWAYS. if it's not broke, don't fix it. simple. how many legacy members have ever really complained on here about not getting the tickets they want??? now they go and pull this crap and tell me i can't have a code, probably because i'm an avid concert goer and frequent business traveler?! i guess i loo
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