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  1. I did the same thing! i find this hard to believe that our unused codes will not work for future dates presales! I mean that would be a royal rip off! I specifically did not purchase this time during presale bc I'm holding out hope for dates added and the chance to get GAs since none were available. I am hoping whoever shared this info from U2.com was mistaken. I am also holding out hope that the band we all know and love will do all they can to fix this once they realize the craziness that happened the first go around with presales. I believe in them and truly believe STILL that they love their fans!! Add more dates please and fix these glitches!!
  2. I am not sure of this myself. I am gonna try again monday for GA in DC. If none are there again I will hold out hope that they will announce a second night in DC. I can't watch them any other way but GA.
  3. I think my biggest hope right now is that they add dates. Especially to cities I can go to. Like DC!!!!
  4. Ok good to know. i definitely did keep manically refreshing for 45 mins during presale and none came up BUT i will definitely try again MOnday morning. It bums me out there was another presale today for citicard holders. UGH! Makes my chances seem less and less. But worth the try.
  5. Also apparently they are paper tickets not CCE this time. Why on earth would they have gone back to paper tickets?
  6. From what I'm reading, it seems that way. I was in innocence group and on exactly when tickets were released. No GAs. I thought they all got snatched up by experience group BUT from reading here, tons of Experience members could not get GAs either yesterday. And now loads of GAs are on stubhub for $350+. It's terrible.
  7. Yep! total disaster it seems. So sad and frustrating. I am beyond disappointed.
  8. Yes exactly! All i want are GAs or RZs. I can't ever go back to seats after being on the floor for so many shows. This is why I subscribe!! to get GAs!
  9. I will definitely try for them! Thanks for the encouragement. I'm just wondering though since there are soooo many GAs available on stubhub for $350+ each!! How on earth?
  10. Oh you have GOT to be kidding! Oh this makes me crazy!!!
  11. Thanks! yes you can and I did. At least as far as I can tell I did. All I want is GAs or RZs though so I doubt any of those will magically appear in the public sale but I will try for them Monday anyway. Thanks for your help.
  12. Ugh! Yes they are already on stubhub for DC at over $350 each. This is crazy!
  13. With the JT tour I think they alerted us via email when new shows were added but yes, to be safe... I'll be checking back here every day! I didn't get my GAs for DC and I'm so disappointed. I expect new dates added. (Just not sure if DC will be one of the cities they double up on. PLEASE!!!!)
  14. And this is a great question! I really only ever go to U2 shows so I really don't know. Would be curious to find out.
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