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  1. After trying for 1.5 hours on the Innocence presale, and 30 minutes on general (I don't have a Citi card), I FINALLY got ONE GA ticket to the LA show! I could only get one (sorry, boyfriend, you are out of luck this time), and it didn't even give it to me as an answer to my search. I was limited to "Floor Only" and it gave me a "sorry, no tickets available" but the "other tickets available for this show" section was one GA ticket! I say this not to brag, but to say keep trying, and watch the "other available" section.
  2. Does anyone know/has anyone noticed if they are doing afternoon drops? I, too, am looking for GA in LA and getting nothing. For JT, I was able to get 4 GA after about an hour of trying in the presale, but no such luck today. Wondering if I should keep trying/if they will drop more Innocence tickets, or if I should just hold out hope for shows to be added (which seems likely).
  3. This is my first stadium GA experience in LA. I did GA in Boston for 360 and was able to be about a row back from the rails arriving a few hours before doors (around 3:00 pm). Same for I+E at the Forum. I don't need to be right on the rails but want to be close to the front, within the first few rows. Will I be ok if I arrive around 3 to get in line, or will I be out of luck?
  4. I lost the card I bought my tickets on and had to replace it (actually, my BF left it in the backseat of a rental car in Iceland after getting gas...should I revoke his U2 privileges? :P) I just called Ticketmaster and they told me to print out my order receipt and bring that, along with the new card and a photo ID, to the venue for entry. I don't trust this. I think I'll call the venue (Rosebowl) when they open on Monday and see what they recommend.
  5. I managed to get 4 GAs at around 10:00 a.m., so sounds like they dropped more on the hour.
  6. Is anyone having luck for GA in Rose Bowl right now? I got a few offers for $100 tickets, but no GA, and now nothing at all...
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