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  1. All valid points...Ever since 89', and of course much worse in the last 15-20 yrs, they like to say a bunch of bullshit and do whatever they wind up doing, WHENever they wind up doing it. Larry's the only one light on the spewing. If the leave ONE tune from the back 2/3 of the Joshua Tree album out in the live concert, I'll be pissed. There would have been NO point other than playing a safe bet IF they dont play its entirety...I for one could go 20+ years not hearing Still Haven't Found and With or Without you live again in a set. Even Streets isnt what it was, but ya still gotta have it.
  2. Yeah ,saw that also..As far as cities like Phoenix, where sales only two years ago weren't off the charts, they're stategicaly omitting them this go around to build up some demand inmo..2yrs is the smallest gap for u2 to be back out on the road since the Joshua tree itself in 87 following the UF. I wouldn't hold my breath for any new material this go round, especially if this expands like some think...I just don't see it...Songs of E (in whatever form or name it has ) in late 2019, Tour in spring of 2020 if I was betting on it.....I'd be floored if they actually ever do anything they've been
  3. When i was able to get GA's this morning easier than the presale for boston I thought no way, but...But now there showing the show sold out...this would be a first, not adding another in Beantown. met life was guarentee multi nighter
  4. Are they talking about a Saturday show? I would think that any additional shows would be after Sunday... It would most likely be saturday if they add...They may not based on how easy I found it to get tickets today...Metlife is a different story...They're probably add as not even single tickets came up onywhere on my app this morning an hr into it....Thinkg is, I dont recall NY ever adding without boston so...They've got something to think about
  5. Just pulled up a pair of GA 1/2 hr ago on the app..I'm done with this show..Didnt with my two presale tix from last week also.
  6. I've got parachute pants to go with the T...Oh wait, that was Unforgettable Fire Tour. 2 yrs back then was a lifetime in fashion.
  7. I'd be looking forward to that. Love making the drive up there...I really kinda hope NO shows are added to this 30yr thing...I'm down with it being recognized, and doing the existing stadiums but I really want the focus to stay on track with new material. Hopefully, late in the year with a tour next spring......If after next week you see shows added and this played out...you can forget any new music for an indefinite period...I'm stuill very skeptical about why its not out and this whole thing is happenning...but whatever
  8. It could happen. It something U2 will have to think heavily on how they don't want to exactly piss off some fans and Bono might have to ask, "Am I buggin ya??" "Don't mean to bug yah" Since they are some fans who aren't exactly behind U2 and their politics. lol Even so...like someone said. Window's In The Skies, Walk To The Water, Spanish Eyes, Heartland, Luminous Times.(Hold On To Love)....B-sides. No chance at mawhatevr......if that happnes I'm done, guy richie fired and Bono and co are tested for methanphethmines
  9. Totally feel for ya...i'm able to spend TOO much time gettin tickets today or I'd be just like you...its kinda bs but its always been that way, dating back to people sleeping in lines, taking off from work...the almighty DOLLAR dictates...and yeah, its t he dollar no matter we talkin bout vancouver or not!!! Weeeeee
  10. Not a bad stab at the set list..I like some of the choices outside the Tree...BUT, this is big...they Had BETTER live up to it, and make t his EPIC!, otherwise whats the point?...from a band that never wanted to look back, etc....THIS is there shot to go all out to to the diehards, make that magical setlist within the constructs of a thematic adventure...We've talked about his for 20 yrs plus,,...If our not doing new music, bring the house...ala Roger Waters/Floyd...where you incorporate the Tree celebration throughout a 120 minute set....never knowing what song will be played until the moment
  11. All that "VIP" sheet dont seem nearly worth the money...You get a GA ticket and your standing 10 ft from some-one who paid 8,9 even 10x more than you...Its for suckas...Last night there was a 70 ticket in philly, sec 123? I think it was, 10-12 ft from a "VIP' package whatever seat for over 600.00 bucks...These ticketing methods are comical. Bands//Live Nation, Ticketmaster, etc will do it bc there's always a few suckas....btw, The pricing of t hese seats will fold in as the months go by and t here unsold...weeks before the same seats will be repackaged,released and sold for a fraction right u
  12. HA!!!!!! just coming out to tell ya's myself...Came up on my phone app!!..still no Seattle GAs but I bet that will change...congrats ALL!!! Stoked for Vany!! Never been
  13. Metlife is NYC..I was surprised bout Montreal as well..I still think theyre coming up there
  14. As of now, i'm thinking they might...I cant get what i want for either seattle or vancouver right now..only sec 400's coming up for Van...Ridiculous...Its frustrating not knowing whats gonna take place...they could move the opener to thursday f they wanted, also...if they did add a second show in Van...Id stay up there rather than travel to seattle...Its tough when your booking a flight and hotel from the other end of the earth in CT theyve never done full shows 3 days in a row that ive seen in the last 20 years. i wouldnt get your hopes up... hmmmm....Pretty sure they have but I'd hav
  15. I hear ya, I've been out here non stop...they simply did not drop any GA's fopr this pre-sale "wire"...in both seattle and vancouver yet..I'm waiting on a possible allotment like what happend this morning in NYC..fingers crossed..will let ya know if I see anything..btw..I'm working my app simultaneously NOTHING but level 400's yep - doing the same. I miss the days of camping out at Licorice Pizza & getting my tickets at the store. Tell me bout it, I think i've already lost the cost of VIP seats in lost wages, with the time I've spent online all day clicking pictures of "store f
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