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    Ticket Tips

    Right ok, thank you very much! Just to double check, you mean Ticketmaster and not another ticket website? Thanks Jake
  2. jakeward

    Ticket Tips

    Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips for tomorrow's general sale? Will there be a queue open before 9:00? Thanks Jake
  3. Right ok, thanks. Are there any European shows for which the presale is still open? Thanks Jake
  4. Hi, I'm thinking on upgrading my subscription to get access to the presale. I'm just wondering if anyone knows what tickets, if any, would be still available if I were to do so? Thanks Jake
  5. What really does knock me sick though is people who buy tickets just to put them on the likes of eBay... Absolutely disgusting!
  6. I can't describe the excitement!
  7. I got my ticket guys! I feel sorry for anyone who didn't... AXS let me down, I was in the waiting room the second it opened and when i went for my tickets at 9:00 it said none of the ones I had available but I also had ticketmaster open and got them through that way.
  8. Ok I see! Thank you very much for your time and help! You're an absolute star! haha
  9. Right ok, thank you and will do! So is this waiting room on Ticketmaster? Just to clarify
  10. Ahh that's interesting! I didn't know that! Thanks! i'm in school unfortunately in the morning but I'm going to go in early, so say if I get in for 8:15-8:30, should that be ok? Thanks again Guys, I appreciate it! Jake
  11. haha yes that's exactly what it is!
  12. Right ok, thank you! Going to try and get tickets the second we can! So nervous! haha
  13. Hey! I'm desperate for tickets to the added London show as for certain reasons I couldn't go for tickets for the initial dates. I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how quick they will sell out or just information on how quick they sold out for the initial dates. Thanks Jake
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