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  1. On 11/1/2017 at 11:11 AM, peterdiaz said:

    If a member registers as a Verified Fan but doesn't use their code, can it still be used for European shows?


    (As an aside, it is a wonder how U2.com/Live Nation has access to the brightest minds in the industry yet they always seem to make presales complicated or cock it up somehow.)

    I got all registered and my account updated in time. Got the email that I was all set. 

    Then this came a couple of hours later. I'm kinda pissed. Anyone else get this message? 

    Dear U2.com Subscriber,

    Thank you for registering for the U2.com Verified Subscriber presale. Unfortunately, we mistakenly sent you a confirmation email earlier tonight. Contrary to the email you were sent earlier, we are unable to offer you access to the presale. 

    While presale access is only one benefit included with your U2.comsubscription, we recognize that it is important to many Subscribers. 

    If you would like a refund of your subscription, please contact us using the Contact Us form on the Help page, and select 'Verified Subscriber Refund Request' from the dropdown menu.

    We apologize for the confusion.
    The U2.com Team 


  2. On 5/14/2017 at 7:49 PM, daviddugongbell said:

    Hello,we are flying from Australia to see 2 concerts,Toronto and Boston.Unfortunately our flights have been changed and we will now miss the Boston gig on the 25th.

    Looking to swap these tickets with anyone who has tickets for Washington DC gig on the 20th June,thanks for your attention!!David

    Where are your tickets for the Boston show? 

  3. I took my son at age 12 to the iE show in LA. He LOVED it. We went GA and tried to get up as close to the front of the line as well could. Everyone around us in line was so nice and accommodating to him. He has been waiting for the next tour to be announced. I will be taking my 11 year-old and 8 year-old this time as well.  Can't wait! 

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