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  1. It's Rocking in Dublin tonight ladies and gents
  2. Good night Dublin best night ever ooooeooooo eoooroooo .....ohhhhohhhhhoooohhooooo
  3. Thanks danyu2 Bono didn't want to go home oooooo
  4. thank you bacaqueen it was amazing ....good night. London x
  5. Thanks for the info Bigwave... Now have the wrist band to return at 4pm
  6. Have tickets for both Friday and Saturday, ticket for Friday is being collected, would I be able to get a wrist band to turn up at 4pm
  7. u2derek


    From the album: u2Derek

  8. u2derek


    From the album: u2Derek

  9. congrats to the winner, although I am in NYC today walking through central park listening to U2 In the snow!
  10. u2derek

    Manchester 2018

    19th & 20th October 2018
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