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  1. I am part of the Innocence group and still have my presale code from back in November. I never used the code because.. well.. we all know what a mess that was. Am i safe to assume that that same code will still work for tomorrow's MSG Presale? I have yet to receive any email or text specific to tomorrow's presale. Has anyone received anything specific to tomorrow? Hopefully my old code will work starting at noon. Going to be livid if i STILL can't get GA tickets.
  2. Nothing available in GA for ANY show I've checked, specifically MSG and NJ shows. 

    1. vertgpu2


      Same issue here..very disappointed with this whole system!

    2. pegmju2


      Seems like something didn't translate correctly......in what universe do a huge number of U2 fans NOT want GA?   I thought this whole new verified fan thing was to make it easier for us to get our GA.   Where's my WTF emoji?


    3. vertgpu2


      exactly my sentiments...they better do something to fix this fiasco!

  3. Same thing for NYC and NJ shows. Zero access to GA tickets. Only offered behind the stage at MSG and nosebleeds in NJ.
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