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  1. So nobody else got an email for that second draw through SiriusxM??
  2. they had that second drawing for tickets, anyone get the email to say they won?
  3. From the way I read it, only ONE person wins the prize with the trip and the tickets, but I don't see anything else about anyone else just winning tickets, so I do think our chances are slim....unless you listen to Stern and get them from his show, I guess.
  4. I'm only getting an option for RZ1, not RZ2....has anyone seen RZ2 at all??
  5. I'm only getting RZ1, I haven't seen a single Rz2 yet for MSG or Pru...
  6. I keep only getting g Rz1 and I want Rz2!??
  7. Red Zone is every show, right? Prudential in NJ seating chart on Ticketmaster isn't showing it...
  8. just did. You Have Been Selected For Verified Subscriber Presale Ticket Access You have been Verified for the U2.com Subscriber presale as part of our eXPERIENCE Group. Below are details to help get you ready to have the best opportunity to access and purchase tickets to the North American #U2eiTour dates in May and June. Your presale opens tomorrow morning, Tuesday, November 14 (10am) and runs until Thursday, November 16 (5pm). All times are local to city and venue of show. CODE DELIVERY Tomorrow morning, Tuesday, November 14 you will receive a text message that includes:
  9. It was definitely expensive, but I got to the Garden (NYC) around 4:30 or maybe even 5, and ended up on the rail with the Edge right in front of me. I stayed where I was, rather than go back and forth to the B stage, but it was great!
  10. what is the parking situation, apparently the fair is happening, so is there less places to park?
  11. You can sell certain sections and not others, I don't know why. I can't sell mine in 133, but saw resales for other sections that seemed to be equal. Makes no sense to me.
  12. there is no option to delete topics, mods can do it if need be - often good to leave them in place as a help to others in same boat etc... even if your issue is sorted ok. I get that. In my case, it was just a dumb question and the answer came shortly thereafter. I guess I should stop posting to this and it'll just sink to the bottom eventually, lol.
  13. Mine are in 133 and I can't resell, even though it sends me the code. But if you look on Ticketmaster, there ARE tickets for resale, but they seem to be only certain sections, I'm sure there's a logic to it but I've no idea what that logic is. My seats aren't really that great, they're on the other side of the 50 yard line from the stage, so not sure why I can't sell them if I want to.
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