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  1. By the looks of the email presale is what we have subscribed again for but we are being advised different things regarding presale and set up.
  2. I didn't say I found the email confusing I said it's all very confusing, we are talking about the conflicting advice on whether to complete the set up if we are in the UK, and the different information given.
  3. Did you get this email? It's all very confusing ? Your U2.com Subscription is currently not eligible for presale access because you have used your presale access code to purchase tickets on the recent Joshua Tree Tour.In order to participate in the upcoming U2.com Verified Subscriber Presale, you must renew your membership AND complete the Setup now.
  4. And here! The advice is conflicting do we that are in the UK set up a U.S ticketmaster account now or not? We only have until Sunday what happens after that if we don't set one up??
  5. Me (from the UK) and a few other girls became friends through the old Propaganda magazine (some UK, some U.S) and we all met up in Dublin. Went to a few places and me and an American girl separated from the group and went to see the towers "running to stand still" and got the train to Belfast although it wasn't the steam train anymore. I'll add photos when I find them. I only have pics of the towers but have loads more of different places in Ireland, and the best of it was we got to meet the lovely Edge one night, it will stay with me forever. This was years ago before this Joshua tree tour does it still count?
  6. Same here I'm going to London by train and using public transport or taxis. The hotel is in Plaistow and I'm in a bit of a flap, people are saying the area is really rough and there's only me and my daughter going. The tube station is only ten minutes walk from the hotel so we can just get taxis. I've paid £64 all in for the room for two nights I did see the Pilot inn but that's fully booked for our nights. The site I used was booking.com it's the Excel hotel, no meals but you have use of the kitchen. I've been to London loads of times but it's always been central I'm really nervous about this now.
  7. Get them booked folks they're filling fast. I was looking at one for roughly a hundred for two nights, (two people one room) went on a booking site and got the same room for half that. Cheap n cheerful is all I need but they're all filling fast.
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