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  1. Thanks. Not worried about numbers with this group! Just gonna go have fun!
  2. Unusual to have a pavilion opened up so early for GA? I assume the pavilion is not inside the stadium itself and you will be able to be in the pavilion and come back out? The way I understand it is this is a place for GAers to gather, drink, eat, shop etc, but your actual ticket will not be scanned until just before entering the stadium. I am doing GA with my wife and 3 daughters, and 1 boyfriend.......then 2 other friends. the other 2 wont arrive until 4:30 or so.......hopefully we can go in or out of the pavilion as we want without needing to all enter the pavilion as a group?
  3. looking forward to hearing what they say.........I called them yesterday but made no progress. I tried to explain what they should expect and why they need better solutions but didn't get very far............thanks for your persistence!
  4. correct....it is just called Redzone parking.......but, the problem is nothing was specified as to which lot would be open until this week......and the lot is sold out already......so if you have GA tickets and you drive to the show, you will have no where to park unless you happen to have bought the overpriced pass for that redlot.........other lots open at 3
  5. I can't remember if I heard others talking about it in Chicago, or if I had seen it on here....... some venues will allow you to go to the ticket office the day of the show and swipe the card used to purchase the GA tickets and they will print a paper copy for your GA entry? Is this true? for the DC show I have 8 GA tickets. 6 of us want to go in as early as possible.......2 would rather go in closer to show time...........if I could have their 2 tickets printed they could go in whenever they wanted
  6. I spoke to both Fed Ex Field and Ticketmaster today......a little more info........the RedZone parking lot will open at 8 am......the rest of the lots will not open until 3. They really should have specified this when having to buy the ridiculously priced parking pass. after multiple calls to both, I was able to get a refund on the parking pass I bought through TM.......I had to call Fed Ex directly, and by the 3rd attempt, was able to purchase a parking pass directly from their ticket office.
  7. grzy

    GA Opinion

    thanks! That's exactly what I was thinking so this confirms my thoughts!
  8. grzy

    GA Opinion

    I went to Chicago 2 over the weekend, and as always, met some great people and saw a fantastic show! My GA spot was on the rail, Edge side, against the Red Zone.........a great spot and well worth the wait. I went to this show solo and enjoy the line experience and meeting new friends. unless I find time sooner, my next show will be in DC on June 20th. I will be bringing my wife, and 3 daughters, 21, 20 and 17 to GA. We are unable to spend the day in line, so I expect our GA spots to be much different, and certainly not include the benefit of being on the rail. can anyone o
  9. Thanks to jaydv I have a ticket now and will be going to the June 4th show!
  10. My summer schedule is tough and right now it looks like I am only going to the DC show at Fed Ex Field............. I'd like to try to get to at least 1 more show and it looks like June 4th in Chicago will work. I will get an early flight Sunday morning and can be to Soldier Field by about 9:30am or so.........not ideal, but it will have to work. anyone have 1 extra GA they would consider selling? I would have to enter with you obviously. I can't get to Chicago Saturday night due to a family commitment so the earliest I could get in line would be Sunday morning.
  11. do you still have 2 GA's available for DC?

    1. danknapp


      Sadly, no.  I believe someone else has posted that they have 1?

    2. grzy


      No problem, i have a friend looking for 2 so they can join us.......let me know if you see any more!

    3. danknapp
  12. 45 years old........not sure how many shows.......maybe 35-40 or so? My first show was the Unforgettable Fire Tour........April 1985 I think? Capital Center in Largo, Md......amazing show. This year will be extra special for me.......my wife, who was my girlfriend in 1985, and our 3 children will be joining us at Fed Ex Field on June 20th.............hard to believe that I first saw them 32 years ago......
  13. I have to just laugh at the whole process......its the only thing i can do to keep my sanity........ 32 years of going to multiple U2 shows for each tour.......for me its all about the music.......i make sure i am set to buy enough tickets to go see a show as a family.......all 5 of us.......but only one code will work because i live with my wife, who is also a fan......also going for 32 years.......so i can only get 4 tickets.......... But yet, i read posts from friends i have met over the last 32 years and they have already have tickets to 6-8 shows? Guess i should forget about
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