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  1. I need to ask the crew what they were doing? Did they not know that the people behind the stage couldn't see or no one told them the screen was malfunctioning? The screen that they set behind the stage didn't work half the time and when Bono was at the end of the stage we couldn't see him at all. I really like the band, and wish I could have seen more of the show. I bought these tickets not knowing we would be behind the stage, so much for trying to give a perfect present to my wife for Christmas. she loves you guys very much. I realize its my fault that I bought the seats I did, but lets fire the tech in charge of the screen and I`ll come to work for you!!!!! Great concert, good luck on the rest of the tour. Sincerely J.Ross if you do read this!! Ever think of a rotating stage? Just have to go slow so you don't fall off!! LOL
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