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  1. In Sydney we had Red Zone. Showed up about 15 min before check in. There was already a line. We went in and I got a spot exactly where I wanted halfway up the catwalk between the mainstage and the B stage. I had one guy in front of me on the rail. He got there at 8AM... I was 12 inches further away from the rail and I showed up at check in.. Folks- smell the roses- You don't need to wait in line for days to get a decent spot at these big shows. I really think the Aussie and Kiwi local fans are a bunch of whiners. Being very vocal complaining that the biggest band in the world have fans who
  2. Set list looks incredible. Hope it is similar in Sydney... Really hope Every Breaking Wave stays...
  3. There might have been an announcement somewhere else but I missed it and I dont want anyone else to miss it... If you want to buy, sell, trade tickets for JT 2019 Sydney please request access to join the club.. I posted my trade request. Cheers, GW
  4. here here... I second that... Thank you, Mods!!!!
  5. Perfect... I have a pair of RZ for Sydney 2 and I am needing to trade for RZ Sidney 1... Will watch for the ticket exchange. Thx for all you do... G
  6. Unfortunately it appears that there were not any RZ allocated to the Live Nation presale... Got in immediately at 15:00AEST and the allocation displayed as exhausted... Will try one last time in the general... Good luck everyone.
  7. Thank you! I registered. Do they send a code or is it something along the lines of-- You go to their page and login and if u r registered the interface shows the ticket buying options for you? Really really appreciate it!
  8. All: Thx for the empathy and kind words. Still stings but it's helpful to feel understood after this sorta thing happens.. Cheers, G
  9. Can you pls let me know how to get in on this ????
  10. I struck out for RZ during Red Hill Presale... So I used my code to buy 2 GA's knowing I would have 2 tickets left to still try for RZ in the next presale or the general. During checkout for the GA's, my Bank of America card was declined despite there being money in my account... The BofA App quickly notified me of "suspicious activity". I was able to tell it that this is really me attempting the charge and I was able to rerun the card successfully before the Ticketek clock expired... 4 Hours later in the Wires Presale I hit paydirt... I was so excited!!! 2 Red Zones in my cart... Going t
  11. I had no problem scoring GAs for Sydney... Still trying for a pair of RZ..
  12. I have been shutout for RZ so far... I easily scored 2 GAs... Will keep trying to RZ and if I get them I will give my 2 GAs to another fan here...
  13. Want to use my presales code to purchase tickets for Sydney. I have gotten pretty proficient and therefore often successful using Ticketmaster (app and website).. But the Sydney tickets are being sold via Ticketek… Anyone out there have experience buying tickets on Ticketek from the US??? In particular - using a presales code for an event that is in high demand ??? Thx for playing! Geo
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